Traditional Men and Women # 7 Mary Mother of Mercy

In a continuation of the discovery of true manhood and womanhood we further reflect of Fr.  Karl Stehlin’s book “The Nature, Dignity and Mission of Women”.  St. Maximilian Kolbe wrote about the merciful heart of a mother for the weak and suffering.  The mother who, no matter how evil her child may be, continues to care for that child.

Immaculate Conception_CANO, AlonsoOur Lady “Mother of Mercy” is always concerned about her children no matter how evil we have become.  God of Mercy wants to save sinners.  St. Albert the Great called Mary the “Queen of Mercy”.  Her Immaculate Heart is so full of merciful love.  Jesus is our merciful redeemer and allows Mary to be His helper in being the co-redeemer or Mediatrix of all Graces.  So Mary, at the foot of the cross, bears the pains with her Son Jesus to give the new life of grace to humanity.

Women, like Mary, are to be bearers of grace to others.  We see this in so many mothers and grandmothers passing on the Catholic faith to their families.  But also like Mary, they will do this at a cost of sacrifice and suffering as Mary suffered with Jesus at the cross.

Christ_dome_arch detailThe highest ideal and goal of a woman is to become a true reflexion of Mary, Virgin, Spouse, and Mother.  As a child and youth the woman is virginal, as young adult a spouse and in maturity a mother.  As a priest is the continuation of Jesus in space and time, so a woman who loves God is a continuation of Mary in space and time.  God continues His salvific plan through the priesthood (the image of Christ) and women (the bride of Christ).

In heaven where there will be no more marriage, the woman will be once again virgin, spouse to her Divine Beloved, and mother to her children and all those she brought to the Catholic faith.