Traditional Fun with Families and Friends

We traditional Catholics pray a lot and are very concerned about the world and the Church.
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 But we also have so much fun with the holy family and friends we have.

Sunday soccer game.  My team prayed and won.  The other team asked me to pray for them and I prayed that they would have a good time.  I prayed that my team would win.

Then had a great dinner with two families who live next too each other.  The Vietnamese family prayed so hard that a catholic family would move into the house next door.  The first thing they saw was the statue of Our Lady when they moved in.  They were so happy.  I found this all out on the father son retreat I helped at.
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 Well when the neighbors talked with each other they found out they went to the Society of St. Pius X.  Now this family is going to St. Catherine and have their children in the school.  They are going to help me get the school more traditional.  We had a dinner together because Mary brought these two families together and we celebrated Mary’s Birthday.  I met both families separately.They have a traditional dog and cat too.  They behaved perfectly when ever we prayed.And of course Jesus is King of this Family and House.Finished off the evening with a game of Chinese Checkers.  I chose blue because that is Mary’s color.  And so it happened that she helped me win.