Traditional Men and Women # 6

Male Religious Orders tend to be more active with a sister Order of contemplative nuns.  This is seen by the prayers of the Franciscan Poor Clare nuns in supporting of the work of the Franciscan Friars.  We see this in the Carmelite order too along with many other Orders.

When men are not complimented with women, their work can become unbalanced.  Excluding women’s gifts as dispensers of life and servants of love, men can become rigid, cold, prideful and dictators.  We can see this also in the fruits of liberalism, socialism, nazism, communism and modernism.

When women do not donate their gift of love and devotion to her beloved, she can become vain, self-centered and manipulative.  In the end they loose happiness like in the case of Marilyn Monroe.

Coronation of the Virgin_Vienna, Akademie der bildenden Kunste_1450Mary lived out her marriage to St. Joseph in total service.  She lived a hidden life to the world and only revealed herself to God and St. Joseph.

A woman’s heart and body speak of having, loving and feeding children.  Children feel comforted by the soft body of a woman.  She nurtures her child with her breast and continues to cook delicious meals to please her husband and children.  She keeps her house warm, clean and in order.  This is why from the beginning we see girls carrying dolls around and playing house.  Mothers take care of the health of children and stay by the side of their sick bed without sleeping.  Men can sleep right through a child crying.

The mother gets involved in every stage of her child from religious formation to schooling.  The mother has great influence in the Catholic faith of their children in their formative years.    Through out life mother and grandmother are praying for their children.  They do not give up and give great witness to their family by their prayer and faith life.  When a mother fails in this area, the spiritual results are disastrous.

Toribio Romo Family040-1The father is the spiritual head of the house and has an enormous responsibility to pass on this supernatural life too.  If the father does not pray or go to Holy Mass, the children usually will stop once they are on their own.  There is no greater way to be a man than by a him getting down on his on his knees in prayer.

The traditional Catholic Church has always taught that the family is the cell of society.  If the family is healthy and holy, so will society.  It doesn’t take jet scientist to know something is dreadfully wrong with society.  Maybe the man is the jet scientist, but the woman is the homemaker where children grow.  Women give society an example of subordination, love and self-sacrifice.  When everyone wants to be the boss and run everything (as we see today in the Church and in society today), it all breaks down.  No one is happy.

Children thrive in homes that have rules, love, communication and respect.  In this environment we see holy, happy and healthy children.

Eva's Baptism 6 May 2011 + Party 002Every child has a value so great that it can never ever be understood.  That is why the devil wants everyone on birth control and aborting their children.  Children are the greatest gift that God can give.  Marriage is for having many children.  These well raised children bring un imaginable joy now and for all the life of the parents.  This is especially true in their old age.  So for this the fatherhood of a man is so important and the motherhood of a woman.

Mary is the Mother of God.  She conceived Jesus in her heart first and then in her flesh.  Each child conceived is given a body by their mother from the sperm of the father.  But God gives them an eternal soul that has to be nurtured and developed by the parents.  Parents find the deepest fulfillment in their lives by having children.  It is truly a miracle when the couple see their new baby being born.

Priests are called “Father” because they are the spiritual father of Catholics born not of the flesh, but of the “Spirit and Water” of baptism.  Superiors of religious are called “Mother” because they are the spiritual mothers of those in their charge in the convent, hospital, or schools.

We are so fortunate to have Traditional Catholicism to teach us how to be family in a distorted world where children are suffering from broken families everywhere.  Some on told me they saw a sign on an Episcopalian church that said: “Jesus came out fine and He had two fathers”.  How sad the so called “family” has become.  Just this morning walking from church I saw a dad without any shirt on walking in the street with a boy and two girls. I also saw this morning a young man casing out a business on a bike with tattoos all over and he was saying things to himself.  A man stopped to tell me what was happening as he chased the young man away.  He said, “save that guy, he’s up to no good.”

priest image viiLet us be wise and holy and listen to scriptures and tradition on how to be orderly and loving families.  Dad, it takes your part.  Mom, it takes you part.  Kids, it takes your part too.