Traditional Catholic Men and Women # 6

We are made in God’s image, male and female.  God is perfect love and perfect justice.  Love demands that there is justice and justice demands that there is charity.  God is Love but He is also Our Lord, Our Lawgiver and Our Judge.

Men reflect more God’s virtue of Justice.  Man’s role is to rule and maintain just holy order.  That is why there are more men police (policeman).  Man has the talent of organizing and needs authority to keep order in the Church, in society and the family.  He has a sense of order, moderation and limits.  He must use these gifts to act according to God’s plans and be dedicated to that mission.  When men do not have holy mothers, wives or friends they become unruly monsters.  They abuse their strength to destroy.

Women reflect more God’s virtue of love.   Women want to love and to devote themselves to the Church as religious, or as spouses or as mothers.  There capacity to love knows no bounds.  This is such a great gift but it must be guarded by the father of the daughter.  I know of so many women who have been taken advantage of by men they have fallen in love with.

Ecce Homo_RENI, GuidoSince the fall, woman’s love needs to be tempered by a holy man’s guidance.  This way it can be channeled into a specific form, structure and order.  She is the best steward of her love by having the supervision of a man.  Again she is heart and he is head.  She is the seat of love and he is the seat of justice.  From this order comes harmony.  As St. Paul says in 1 Cor. 3, 7.  “The head of everyman is Christ: the head of every woman is her husband” “A man…. is the image and glory of God, but woman is the glory of man”.

God is the lawgiver and the Catholic Church is the law receiver.  The enforcers of God’s laws are the pope, bishops and priests.  So in doing the priestly ministry, the man needs to be of service to God’s omnipotence and eternal time and not his own person.  He has to restrain his personal likes and feelings for the good of the order of God’s people he is entrusted with.  The Church needs laws, order and objectivity in her governance and sacred liturgies.  Woman’s nature is to love and to feel.  These gifts can interfere with the divine acts that priests need to perform.  For this reason a woman is not made to be a priest to perform Catholic rituals and to hear confessions.  In confession one needs to be loving, but not sentimental when correcting the penitent.

In the Wiccan religion there are mostly women and homosexuals who love the sentimentality of the goddesses and touchy feely rituals.  Most of the white spells are for romance and done while having sex.  I have read their bible.  Many catholics are attracted to Wicca.    Just read Dan Brown’s De Vinci Code and his other books to understand touchy feely religion connected to nature.

Men have left the Catholic Church in droves because it has become so touchy feely.  As bad as the muslim religion is, it sure has men praying and fighting for their faith.  They also abuse their manly gifts to rule by not respecting women and their unique gifts.  They also can marry as many wives as they can afford.  There is no two becoming one.  It is off balance.  It is wrong.  But I will not be surprised if they begin to take over Europe where Christianity is restricted and more and more men become homosexual.  It won’t be long to begin to take place here in the United States if we do not allow men to be holy men and women to be holy women.

IMG_9642In many of the confirmation retreats in my parish the women wanted touchy feely activities and sentimental music.  When I would bring up that we should have a different type of retreat for boys I was resisted by the women.  Boys should have their retreats with men and girls with women.  It was a great success separating the boys confirmation classes from the girls.  The sneaking out to be with the boyfriend/girlfriend ended.  The kids were able to be themselves and not show off for the other sex.  The behavior problems were next to nothing.  Before is was very difficult to maintain order.

Man and woman complete together God’s image.  As Mary participated in the mission of Jesus the Redeemer and for this she is called Co-Redemptrix.   So too the wife participates in the man’s creative mission.  This union brings fatherhood and motherhood.

Rosary-Audio-DownloadWe are all sinners and are never going to be the perfect priest, father, brother, son, religious sister, mother or daughter.  But with God’s grace and in humble submission to God’s mission as a man and a woman, we can have order and peace in our Church and homes.  The battle of the sexes can be a thing of the world.  Women of the world can leave their home and children to work and compete with men.  Men of the world can be adulterous lazy bums leaving the responsibility to the woman for the children they left behind to fight out survival.

But we traditional Catholics know we men need to be holy and leaders.  Women need to be loving mothers and wives supporting their husbands.  In holiness, it has nothing to do with a power struggle as we see in most parishes.  No.  We each have our duty from God to do our part in humble service to the Church and to the family.