St. Anthony of Padua Patron Saint to Find Lost or Stolen Things

st-anthony-web-art-fnlI never knew why St. Anthony was such a great help in finding things.  Reading, I found that it was because a brother in his Franciscan order left and along with him took St. Anthony’s breviary.  This was of great importance to St. Anthony because he had notes written in it and these books were hand copied.  So he prayed he would find his breviary. God answered his prayer by not only returning the book, but also the returning the lost soul in the friar.

stanthony2So it is good to ask St. Anthony to help us, not only find what is lost, but also that which has been stolen.  I remember two times at the St. Francis Catholic Kitchen when volunteers had their wallet and purse stolen from the closet in the kitchen.  Neither of these volunteers were Catholic.
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 I prayed to St. Anthony, and both objects were returned.  Many times when I would pray to St. Anthony to find something and a non Catholic would be around, it was always found.  This was done by God through St. Anthony so that they could see that God uses His saints to help us.

anthonypaduagrecoWhen I pray to St. Anthony, it is usually more effective when I remember that he is a real person in heaven listening to my need.  Sometimes we just ask for help without really realizing what is happening.  Remember God is real and so are the saints.  Just because we can not see them does not mean they do not exist.  Answered prayers shows that the supernatural world is real and that God is there with His loved ones (the saints) to help us when ever we call.

Always the supernatural is more important than the natural.  It is way more precious for a soul to be found than a material object.  So let us pray for our family and friends who have lost their way and are loosing their soul to the devil.
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 St. Anthony find our family and friends who have lost their Catholic faith and their souls.