Traditional Attitude toward Suffering

Everyone has to suffer.  But we who love Jesus and His Catholic Church have to suffer more for standing up for the Catholic truths, modesty and the “Holy Mass of All Ages”.  And not only from the secular world, but sad to say, more so, from the Church hierarchy and members.

1237908_227949827360738_1262800133_nBut we mature from suffering.  Suffering is what makes us love God and His Church all the more.  People who have suffered little are very shallow people.  It is not enjoyable being around these people.  Where as those who have suffered a great deal for their faith, are deep people and one can learn a great deal from them.  They have what we call, wisdom.

Suffering also pushes us to Jesus. Most people, when in a crisis, will become a bit more religious. They find that they do not have control over everything and need a stronger power than themselves or the problem that they may be suffering from.  The old adage “that there are no atheist in Fox Holes” shows that when there is danger or probable suffering, one is more inclined to look to a powerful source of protection.  In this way one is forced to go to God.  One is confronted with the reality that “I am not God” in the eye of danger, sickness, serious problems or prolonged suffering.  A person will either get angry or will grow in communion with God.

Jesus has warned us many times in the Bible that we will suffer for living a moral, modest and holy life.  But His words in the Beatitudes are the most important at these times: “Rejoice and be glad for your reward will be great in heaven”.  Here, we will always run up against the devil, evil people and people who do not know any better.

486014_163946763761045_1595117489_nLook back on your life.  Isn’t true that you have grown in holiness most during the times you have suffered most for being a Traditional Catholic?  And do you really look forward to the great reward Jesus has prepared for you in Heaven?

There are three important words to always remember: “Offer It Up”.  No matter how hard the suffering is to bear or how much you are persecuted for defending the Catholic faith, offer it up for your sins, for those in purgatory, for the restoring of tradition in the Catholic Church and for the conversion of those who are persecuting you.

Jesus warns us what will happen, but He also rewards us here and forever in eternity.