Traditional Freedom From Addictions

Traditional Catholics suffer from addictions right along with everyone else.  My traditional priests friends gave me a copy of “Alcoholic Anonymous and the Diabolical Twelve – Step Programmes” an Expose by Michelle Flemming from Canisius Books in Scarborough, Ontario Canada.  Tel. # (416) 321-0637  Google for more information.  This book’s main objective is to show that A.A. and N.A. are being used to introduce people to a pan god and then introduce them into the New Age spirituality and eventually into a New World Order.

Michael4I know that many readers of this blog are presently or were part of these self-help groups (A.A. N.A. Al-anon).  As traditional Catholics we just are all about loving Jesus and living the Catholic truth.  So hold on to your judgement until all the evidence is in.Why did I even read this short book?  Because I believe my traditional priests friends to know a great deal, I read the book.  I too know extensively about A.A., N.A. and Al-anon from reading their books and attending numerous meetings.  When I started St. Francis Catholic Kitchen and Shelter 31 years ago, I invited A.A. and N.A. to come and hold meeting where I would sit in.  Just last year I would go to A.A. meetings in Mexico to help my friends to overcome alcoholism and drug addictions.

I know that most people involved in these groups are very sincere and only interested in living sober lives.  They are trying there best and are wonderful people.  There is very little to nothing out there to help addicts.  Everyday, as society becomes more and more self centered and sinful, we have more and more addiction.  Just yesterday I read an article about a hospital setting up a clinic for those addicted to the internet.  As people leave God, they tend to look for instant pleasure like sex, drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling and FaceBook.

There is a place for all these good things in a God ordered world.  Sex is for married couples to have children.  Drugs are important to help pain control by doctors.  Jesus changed water into wine so that the newly married couple could moderately celebrate their marriage.  The human body is sacred.  Playing cards amongst friends and relatives is healthy recreation.  Electronic communication helps get traditional Catholic truth out.

So this book exposes the problems with A.A. and gives an alternative traditional program.

Death of Dives+Lazarus_fol. 17vFrom my own experience I have found many members to be truly seeking freedom from addiction and trying to help others.  There are good things in these programs, but there are many beliefs that are contrary to traditional Catholic beliefs.

In one group for young addicts in Mexico where I attended several time, they would swear and cuss terribly.  They said they did not care what life style they were living, straight or homosexual as long as they were there to be sober.  The youth found an unconditional loving environment that was what they needed.  But the way they spoke, dressed and lived was atrocious.  In the Adults group they would repeat and repeat the same thing over and over again.  Most of those who attended were Catholics but never went to Mass.

I also have noted over the years an over dependency on the group and sponsor.  They are told they are alcoholics and will be all their lives.  They are told if they stop attending the meetings they will fall back into the addiction.  I strongly believe that God can help us stop sinning.

1268294It is also stated that addictions are a sickness not a sin.  That goes totally contrary to St. Thomas Aquinas who describes a vice like alcoholism as a bad habit formed over time.  A virtue (like sobriety) is a good habit formed over time.  My brother who is doctor does not agree that it is a sickness.  I agree that once you have abused substances, you are very weak to this temptation.  The Bible is very clear you do not get into the Kingdom of God if you are an alcoholic period….

The greatest evil in these programs is the ecumenical aspect of God.  It is stated very clearly that you need to open up to a supreme being for help because you have found yourself incapable of stopping the addiction on your own.  So that god can be who or what ever you want it to be.  They say a door nob or what ever higher power one wants to submit to.  What about the devil.  He is a higher power.  They say that there is not one religion they believe in.  Is that what the Catholic Church teaches?  No.

image7Now the reality is that probably one half of those in mass on a given Sunday are addicted to something.  Alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, drugs, Soap Operas, TV, FaceBook, video games, sex, sports, pornography, gambling, buying, sweets and using the credit card.  So the Holy Catholic people need help.  So this evening I am going to start a Catholic Addiction Group based on the book mentioned above.   The groups are called “The Sacred and Immaculate Heart for Abstinence Group.  Its aim is to promote sobriety and freedom from the slavery of sin.  Its chief means are prayer (especially the Mass, Rosary and the sacraments like confession), penance and works of mercy.

It takes God’s grace and our co-operating with it to overcome addiction.  Good friends and family are also important for support.  Christ came to set us free.  Thanks be to God.