On Newsmax blog there was a short article about health.
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 It was a short review of Dr. Teitelbaum’s book “Fatigue and Fibomyalgia Solution”.  It stated that one third of all adults suffer from fatigue.  Many use coffee and energy drinks to make it though the day.  So this doctor has the solution he calls SHINE.

IMG_4463Sleep: Get regular sleep at regular hours.

Health: Check your thyroid hormone levels.  Some symptoms could be you are achy, tired, weight gain, and cold intolerant.  If you are irritable and easily upset when hungry you could have an adrenal deficiency.

Infection: Check for infection or yeast overgrowth and treat it by a probiotic and getting rid of access sugar.

Nutrition: Take a vitamin powder ribose and a fish oil pill daily.  Eat natural food.

Exercise: Walk outside in the sun everyday.

Remember that the Soul and the Body are gifts from God and need to be taken care of.
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 As St. Paul says, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

IMG_7656There was also an presentation on a scientific study on the great benefits from a prayer life.
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 It helps to give health, happiness, emotional well being and retards mental decline.  It is called Neurotheology.