Progressive Discontinuity and Traditional Continuity

At the Sacred Liturgy International Conference there was a presentation on the changing of the Sacred “Mass of All Ages” and the beginning of the bishops, priests, religious and theologians rebellion against Catholic Church teaching.

Mass_D_RER_AlbrechtGeorge Harne, president of the College of St. Mary Magdalen gave this presentation.

“One of the most interesting papers in the conference was by Monsignor Ignacio Barreirio Carámbula, entitled “Sacred Liturgy and the Defense of Human Life.”  In one section of this paper, Monsignor Carámbula treated the relation between liturgical reform and the turn of many Catholics to contraception.

One of his primary points was that just as the older form of the Mass, a form of worship that most Catholics had considered unchangeable, was being subjected to radical, illegitimate experimentation, the sexual revolution was sweeping the nation, bringing with it the option of artificial birth control.  Many priests and prelates were unsure of whether the Church’s teachings were going to change and some advised the souls under their care that change was on the way and that they could begin using birth control.  After all, so the reasoning went, if the “Mass of the Ages” had changed, why not the Church’s teaching concerning the relation between human intimacy and procreation?  In the midst of the cultural chaos of the period, the changes in the liturgy could be cited as convincing evidence that the moral teachings of the Church were also subject to radical change and reversal.”

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12_07_09_4_MarksThe progressive catholic believes that new changes are good.  That is also how the world believes.  In the midst of a report on Pope Francis’ appointment of a new Secretary of State, Newsmax has a poll called “Should Pope Francis Change the Church?”  It starts by saying that the world has warmly received Pope Francis and so in conducting an urgent poll about the new Pope, the Catholic Church and its future.

Here are the questions:

Describe your initial reaction to the selection of Jorge Mario Bergoglio at the next Pope.

Should the Church change its long-term opposition to contraception?

Should the Church be open to priesthood to women?

What is your overall view of the Roman Catholic Church?

Please describe your religious affiliation.

Who did you vote for in the last election?

IMG_9062We traditional Catholics have been taught by the Holy Spirit to know that God does not change, truth does not change, the deposit of faith does not change and the Bible does not change.  We are not like the famous atheist Richard Dawkins who believes blindly in Charles Darwin’s evolution.  Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Communist atheist evolutionist have killed millions and millions of people.

Often the we Catholics are berated by people for the deaths that took place with the inquisition and crusades.  These death were minuscule in comparison of all the deaths that Hitler and atheist have killed.  Not only did they starve and slaughter 125,000,000 people, but they tortured and imprisoned them as they were killed in forced work camps.

The crusades were very necessary to stop the atrocities of the muslims.
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 I saw yesterday a very sad video on Egyptian muslims a few days ago breaking into a Coptic Orthodox church and smashing things, burning the cars in their courtyard and toppling the cross from the roof.

The inquisitions were to stop people from going to hell.  I was always so against them until I studied about them.  I will do another blog on them.  My favorite saint St. Pius V was Gran Inquisitor before becoming pope.  Let us not be fooled by historians of today.

reformed-altarYet in our Catholic history, there has been abuse of authority in the time of the Crusades that hurt the cause instead of helping it.  God will not help armies win if they are not just.  There have been abuses in the bringing Jesus to foreign countries but so small in comparison of all the great things that have been accomplished by Catholicism in these countries.  Probably there has been abuses of the Inquisition too.  I do not know.  But what I do know is that we are wrong to look at the past as being so wrong and present as being perfect.  You have to be blind and deaf to not see the decline in the morals and population of the Catholic Church today.  We traditional Catholics are happy to help remember, restore and renew the Sacred Traditions of Our Holy Catholic Faith.