Traditional Boys and Girls and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Schooling

There are now 1 in 5 high school boys in the United States on the drugs of Ritalin or Adderall for being cubby holed into the diagnoses of not being able to pay attention or sit still.  This information was taken from a study reported in the New York Times.  There is no accurate test other than a discussion with the child, parent and/or teacher.  Two times more boys are diagnosed with A.D.H.Disorder than are girls.  6.4 million children from the age of 4-17 are on some sort of drug for this disorder.  This is a 41% increase in the last decade.  The drugs are used mostly to calm behavior and achieve in school.  It is a treated as a chronic condition that is carried into adulthood.  Many boys are diagnosed with this disorder just because they can not sit quietly at a desk.

sjoseph_iconAs with depression and anxiety attacks, there is a need for medications at times.  But also there are ways of fighting these afflictions spiritually and with diet.  So there also may be a need to give drugs to a child in extreme cases.  Many hyperactive children come from dysfunctional families or mothers on drugs during their pregnancy.  But we need to try to find other solutions than to be drug dependent for the rest of our lives.  There are quick and easy solutions with long term detrimental effects.  There a slow and difficult solutions that set us free for the rest of our lives.  Processed foods sold in boxes have a great amount of chemicals added to them that can have an adverse effect on how we feel.  The best food is eaten as God naturally produced it.  We are free sons and daughters of God.

First off this study shows a great difference between boys and girls in their natural way of being.  Boys are by nature more active and need to be outside running around playing and working.  If boys are able to be raised on a ranch where there is space to run and work they would use this energy in the positive God planned way.  Thank God boys and girls have energy.  It is just important to direct this energy.  Imagine having a sick child who is in bed all the time with no energy.

IMG_7951Not all people are called to sit in classes quietly for up to 20 years to get a master’s degree.  In Mexico many boys quit school at the age of 12 and start working because they find sitting in school boring and unbearable.  They want to get out and do something.

So traditional Catholics who homeschool are wise to have a different way of teaching boys from girls.  Both need exercise, but boys even more so.  All the electronic games and video games are not good for boys or girls.  But they are especially bad for boys.  They fool them into believing that they are engaging in reality, riding cars, fighting and running around.  But in reality they are sitting and doing nothing.  These electronic games hyper-activate their minds and that comes out in there behavior.  The other night I took the iPhone away from some kids and sent them outside to play soccer.  They stayed out and played with great joy.  Give the kids a ball and take away electronic devises.

Boys serving at the “Mass of All Ages” or Latin Mass have to kneel and stay still for a long time.  It takes great discipline.  This also is important.  To teach a boy and girl how to be self disciplined and control one’s actions.  In the Latin Mass too, boys and girls learn that they need to be quiet and still.  In the Novus Ordo masses, the children behave way worse than the children behave in the Latin mass.  I know this only too well as a priest.

Traditional Latin Mass_JimIs it the mass or the child or both?  Children see other kids behaving well and they conform to that.  They also see the adults being so prayerful and kneeling quietly.  This motivates them to be still and pray.  Children are made to mimic.  In the Novus Ordo masses, there is so much music, actions and talking, that the children forget they are to behave in church.

I want to encourage girls to get in the choir and boys to serve.  But it is also a good idea to have a girls choir and a boys choir.  In the past only men and boys sung in choirs.  Young boys sing the high parts and men sing the low parts.  All choirs that sing gregorian chant and sacred music, whether it is men and women together, girls or boys or just men is fine.  But since we are traditional Catholics, the Catholic Church in its ancient wisdom had male only choirs.  Right off we think we know best now and that past practices were motivated by caveman mentality or by domineering male chauvinist.    God directed our Jewish heritage and is now continuing to direct the Catholic heritage that has grown out of it.

IMG_3316Now let us talk about segregated schools.  Boys need to socialize with girls and girls with boys.  That can be done at family visits and at church activities.  But when studying, the tradition was to separate them.  Why?  Because girls learn differently from boys and vis. versa.  When boys are around girls they have a hard time concentrating on studies because they are distracted by the girls.  Girls want to get guys attention and have to worry about what he is thinking.  She has to worry more about her appearance than her studies. Crushes and flirting take up a great deal of a girls energy rather than applying it to learning.

Today the trend that more women are achieving well in academics than men.  In an article from “Inside Higher Ed”, Feb. 21 2013, it talks about a new book “The Rise of Women” by the Russell Sage Foundation.  It states that in 1970 20% of men graduated from college and 14% women.  In 2010 36% women graduated and only 27% men.

The authors explain that girls have better social and behavior skills than boys starting in kindergarden.  In middle school girls are more content in school and get better grades than boys.

Penitencia publicaThis study is a liberal study that blames education problems on gender issues.  They try to blame all the problems on gender stereotypes.  So there solution is to set high expectations and treat students as individuals.  I agree with this, but boys are still boys and girls are girls and they are created by God to be different and mature differently.

In the studies they found boys do not achieve as well as girls in high school.  The reason they say is because boys feel they can make a living working without a college degree.  Young men are very optimistic about their future even though they do not see education as the source to financial success.  Sports is also more important to boys than girls.  This causes them to underachieve and not get good scores to get them into the top carriers.

The study also showed what we all know, that young women loose interest in science and technology fields.  Instead of them saying young men do better in logical studies like math, science and technology because they are made to be logical, they blame it on young women being directed into other fields by their consolers.  We know that women tend to do better in English and studies that deal with relations and language because they are more verbal and social than men.  Men gossip too, but not to the degree that women like to talk about other people.   Men would rather talk about the attractiveness of girls and sports.

Luis Navarro y Miguel AnguianoWe are so fortunate to have divine revelation about how men and women are made in the image of God.  God made them to complement each other and so come together as one.  If man and woman are the same, than there is no need to come together to be complete.