Traditional Women and Men #5 Virginity and Marriage

Our Blessed Mother Mary is Woman over all women, Virgin of all virgins, Bride of all brides and Mother of all mothers.  In her we find the entire mystery of woman.   Woman as virgin, in all its purity and beauty, is the most authentic person.  Woman as bride, is where she discovers herself as being ordered to the Beloved other to whom she wants to give, reveal and unite herself to.  But the highest vocation in woman’s nature is motherhood where she conceives, brings forth, and cares for the new life that came as the fruit of the unity of the her and her beloved Thou.  But that still is in this world.  Consecrated virgins have a eternal vocation

rosarymadonna2bWe have the virginity stage of man and woman as the greatest time to be free to be who you are.  Then we have Bridegroom and Bride and Father and Mother.

Beauty: Women have a great appreciation of inner harmony of beauty and therefore are attracted to art, music and culture.  Dressing is very important to a woman because it effects her appearance as does how her hair is done and the jewelry she wears.
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 She loves beautiful things.

Purity: Women love cleanliness of home, body and clothing.  She dusts and cleans regularly.

Sensitivity to health, youthfulness and other’s needs: Women want to see people healthy and happy (nurses).  They do not like getting old (dye their hair, get facelifts and use makeup) and will not tell you their age.

Constant: Women are homemakers and want to stability, immutability and lasting beauty.

All this points to virginity or to the pristine.  Women have a great appreciation for these things because it reminds her of virginal perfection.  When a woman is not married and starts having relations, her physical and spiritual aspects change in an obviously negative way.

IMG_3268The virgin martyrs and religious are held in a very high regard by the whole Church.  Deep in every woman is the memory of the pure paradise before the fall.  Men are attracted in a noble way to virgins.  Once they give that precious gift away, they never feel the same about themselves.  Virginity reflects the eternal splendor of God the Creator.

In our pragmatic world, virginity is seen as a waste.  But the highest perfection is the completely intact virginal body that has been baptized.  “Let not sin reign in your mortal bodies, to make you obey their passions.” Romans 6: 12.  “Every other sin which man commits is outside the body: but the sexually immoral man sins against his own body.
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”      1 Corinthians 6:18.  St. Paul encourages virginity as an advantage to be free from anxiety and to dedicate one’s life totally to God and the “higher way”.  Married people have to worry about the here and now.  A virgin is living now the eternal and lasting values rather than the swiftly fading joys of this world that slip through our fingers.

FatimaVirginity symbolizes the mystery of the mystical Bride of Christ without spot or wrinkle, holy and without blemish.  Jesus was a perpetual virgin.

If this lofty vocation of perpetual virginity is so important, then what about holy matrimony?  Marriage is worthy, good and holy when it is understood in the light of something infinitely higher and noble.  I think you married women know this from personal experience of your life before and after marriage.  But St. Paul, who so extorts virginity, also compares the love between a married man and woman as a mystery in reference to Christ’s love for His Bride the Church.  This is reflected in marriage by the spouses decision to love each other as Christ loves His Bride the Church.  They show this in their faithfulness, devotion, self-sacrifice, permanence  and promise to be never separated.

This being said, marriage symbolizes the “holy sign“, but virginity is the full reality.  Marriage is the image, mystery that is veiled, whereas virginity is the wedding with Christ that exists in its reality.   Thus virginity is foretaste of heaven where “they neither marry nor are given in marriage.”  It reminds us in this world that we are created for happiness in a virginal eternity in union with God in heaven.

IMG_3204Today as pornography, TV and movies help women find their false identity as sex stars, they get confused as to their true identity and allow themselves to be used and discarded as most material objects today.  They sell their selves for affection to become playthings for playboys.  They think they are beautiful when they dress as prostitutes.  In this deception of the devil and the world, women sacrifice their most precious pearl of their being (their virginity) for passing pleasure.  They expose themselves to be admired, but not as daughters of God but as sexual objects that men can lust after even inside church.  A traditional women know that her virginity is so precious and will fight against anyone who will offend her purity.  She knows that her body is precious too and is to be veiled as Mary veiled her precious body.

We are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics and to be reminded of this.  Jesus and Mary are virgins forever.  If someone has lost their virginity, St. Ambrose wrote of “secondary virginity” where one is able to regain purity through confession, sacrifice and prayer.  Mary Magdalene was a prostitute and by her pure love for Jesus, recovered her dignity.