Meditation on In Whom Should We put Our Confidence and In What We Should ask for

Put All Your Trust in God

our-father10“Do not put your confidence in men, because frequently they can not, or do not want to help you when you are in need.  “Cursed is the man who trust in men”.  Your friends are inconsistent and often only think about their own interests; and usually can only do you some good in this life.  They are not able to give you paradise.  Besides, how many times have you been disappointed by friends in this life?  Be careful.  Obtain friendship with God.  Put your confidence in Him.  Do not be disappointed or complain when the world abandons you.
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 God is present to you when the world has left you behind.

Do not put your confidence in yourself, but just the opposite, because you are the most weak among men.  Without the help of God, your actions can only offend Him.
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 Be careful.  God will deny you His help if you forget Him and put your confidence in your own strength.  Have not already experimented enough of your weakness to know not to trust in yourself?  O my God, do not let me be mislead by this illusions.  I need You.

Only have confidence in God.  He wants to save you and He never disappoints.  Didn’t He give you His only Son, Jesus Christ?  Have faith in Jesus Christ, because He proved how much He loves you by what he did when He suffered for your salvation.  Do you think He will abandon you now?  Ask Him, so that the merits of His passion may grant you the graces you need.  How much faith do you really have in Jesus Christ?  What do you want to ask Him for?  Many men ask God for treasures and goods of this world; but in your case, ask for nothing except God Himself.”