The Devil, the Media, Feminist out to Destroy the Traditional Catholic Church

1980 years ago Jesus Christ founded His Holy Catholic Church.  He told us that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against Her.  Many take this to mean that the Church will go on no matter what and that is true.
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 But they are missing a very important point that the Gates of Hell are trying to prevail and are doing a very good job of it, both outside the Church and inside the Church.

IMG_3155One of the ways the devil has tried to destroy the Church is through the media and feminist.  The media has used over and over the sexual abuse by priests to make the Mystical Body of Christ to be seen as a institute that rapes and abuses little boys.  Every time an event would happen, let us say the election of Pope Francis or a World Youth Day, again the media would dig up horrible and true stories of sexual abuse by priests.

We, the bishops and priests do deserve this terrible treatment as a result of terrible crimes by some bishops and priests.  It would be very appropriate if we bishops and priests would do more apologizing and penance for these terrible sins.  But at the same time it is inaccurate because the Church is not a homosexual institute that rapes boys, but the Mystical Body of Christ.  The media uses a true scandal to deface God’s True Church.

12_10_09_teal_02The Mystical Body of Christ is composed of the pope, bishops, priests, religious and the average Catholic.  It is way more than the bishops and priests who (in general) had evil homosexual relations with teenage youth.  The Mystical Body of Christ has churches, and monasteries that pray for the whole world.  The Church has clinics and homes for those who have AIDS. The Mystical Body of Christ has hospitals, free clinics for the poor, orphanages, soup kitchens, shelters and schools.  The devil uses our sins and crimes to cover over all the good the Church does and has done through out history for humanity.

Before the expose of the sex abuse and the hiding of it, the media used an other strategy to paint the Mystical Body of Christ as an evil institution.  That was by painting us as a male dominated sexist Church.

A in depth study was done on how the media consistently portrayed the Church in the 80’s and 90’s as anti women church.  Over and over again the issue of sexism for not ordaining women was brought up at every event especially on the occasion of the visits to the USA by Pope John Paul II.  So many Catholic women still see the Church as sexist because women are not allowed to be ordained priest and are criticizing it and leaving it.

isis_priestessPope Francis recently re-stated the fact that women can not be ordained, but that he is going to put women more in charge in the church.  Everywhere I have been a priest, and I am sure it would be true from your own experience, most parishes are run by women right now.  The Church is already a woman’s world even though priests do happened to be men.  The over whelming majority of employees in the Catholic Church are women.  I am thankful for all that women do for the Church, but to say we need more women in control is absurd.  I thought that as a priest I am to be the servant and follower of Jesus.  “The Kings and the Gentiles lord it over them; and they that have power over them are called beneficent.  But you not so: but he that is greater among you, let him become as the younger; and he that is the leader, as he that serveth”. Luke 22: 25-26

Most women quote that Jesus did not have women apostles because of the cultural restraints put on women of His time.  But, they go on to say, if He were here today He would have women apostles.  That is a false assumption because in the Roman and Greek world there were women priestesses.

Catholic feminist would be very angry with Jesus today if He were around with His male only apostles.  They will see what Jesus really thought when they die and they will not be happy.  I tell them please do not take out on me what Jesus decided about male only priest.  I tell them to take it out on Him, I had no say in the decision.

I would agree with Jesus whole heartedly because He created them Male and Female and knows our different strengths and weaknesses.  I have learned in my old age that Jesus is smarter than I am.  Besides, Jesus is God and is not influenced by cultural restraints.  He broke so many of the cultural norms of His time like talking to the Samaritan woman at the well, letting the sinful woman anoint His feet, touching lepers, and not getting married.  All Jewish males were to get married.

So the media and the devil has thrown lies all over the Church to make her hated by women and to keep them from reaching salvation and eternal happiness. But also those feminist women in the Church who are fighting for ordination and are actually getting “ordained” are trying to change or evolve the Church into a different church.

The anger, the power struggle goes on against anyone, and I will say especially a priest, who does not go along with women becoming priest.  This can never happen.  It is impossible because the matter for priesthood is a male, period.  Just like the matter to be consecrated into the Holy Body and Blood of Jesus Christ can only be wheat mixed with water and wine.  If the host are made with anything added to them besides wheat and water, or you use grape juice, no matter how many times you repeat the consecration formulae they just remain what ever they were before the words (form) of consecration.

I am sure there have been abuses of women religious before by men.  And that is lamentable.  But it does not change the reality that only men can be priests.

Francis_vision of_CARDUCHO, VicenteNone of us men can become the Blessed Mother Mary.  Mary is way more important than any pope, even St. Peter the first pope.  She is a woman.  But she is a humble pure woman who called herself “a slave of the Lord”.  She did not look for power over the apostles, but in her unique vocation she prayed for them and encouraged them to live their vocations.  The apostles had a very high regard for Mary in her role as the Mother of God.  Most of the apostles did not have much time for power struggles since they were out preaching in a very hostile environment where they were constantly being threatened and eventually were tortured to death.  They did not look for glory in this life, but in the life to come.

Men are sons of God.  Women are daughters of God.  We need to live our differences and unique vocations.  We compliment each other we are not the same.  We have the same christian dignity, but not the same nature.  Let us take time to discover our uniqueness in Jesus Christ and become fulfilled traditional Catholics.  It is so great to be a traditional Catholic.