Discussion on Quo Primum by Saint Pope Pius V

Saint Pope Pius V issued the Apostolic constitution in the form of a papal bull “Quo Primum” on July 14th. 1570 to promulgate the edition of the 1570 Roman Missal.  We traditionalist need to study this Apostolic constitution.  I earlier listed the different Catholic Rites so that we can see that the Church does have different Rites other than the Roman Rite.

s_pius_vPius V 2Saint Pope Pius V’s intention was to bring regularity and uniformity in the Church.  He wanted a united Catholic Church right when the protestant revolution was tearing the Body of Christ apart.  After the Arian crisis (denying the divinity of Jesus), this was the next worse wound inflicted upon the Body of Christ.  There have always been heresies from the time of the apostles as St. Paul writes about the false apostles with their false doctrines.

He allowed the continuation of all Rites that had been prayed till then or had been practiced in the last 200 years.  This only applied to the Roman Rites and not the others, like the Byzantine Rites.  There is a huge controversy about changing the Missal of St. Pius V because of some of the wording in the constitution.  But it seems that popes can make slight changes in missal, such as adding or removing feast days.

I feel what needs to be examined and studied are the slight changes that took place in the Canon over the history of the Church.  The Canon is the part of the Sacrifice of the Mass from the Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus, to right before the Pater Noster.  Here is the essence of the Holy Sacrifice of Mass.  It claim it must have been very rare when a pope would dare to added a martyr to the Roman Canon handed on to them from the Apostles.

Again we need to restudy the rare and slight changes over the 1936 years of the Roman Canon and changes made in the Missal in terms of altering or adding readings, feastdays  and rubrics.  Rubrics mean the actions that the priest does as he offers the Holy Mass like kissing the missal.

This Apostolic constitution is important in light of the changes and re-construction of the New Mass or Novus Ordo Mass by Pope Paul VI.  There are some structural continuities of the Mass, but the Missal is loaded with many new canons and prayers and rubrics.  Most of the rubrics from the Missal of St. Pius V have been altered or removed.

In St. Pope Pius Roman Missal there is only one canon and all the readings are right there in the Missal.  In the Novus Ordo you need the lectionary as well and many new readings have been introduced.

When the missionaries were converting pagans to the True Faith all over the world before Vatican II, they only had to carry the one Missal and there are small versions of which I have one for when I travel.

spThe watered down prayers are so obvious when you offer the Novus Ordo Mass side by side with the Mass of All Ages.  And just imagine the difference there was in the old English translation before ICEL corrected it.  This translation was used because of an agenda to neuterize powerful prayers that offended people’s sensibilities.  Why was there an agenda to give us a very bad translation of the Latin Text of the Novus Ordo Mass?????????????  Because there is an element in the Catholic Church who had power and did control the earlier translation of the English Text.   Do we really imagine that that was not also involved in the creation of the Novus Ordo Mass????  I  do see the new translation as a step in the direction of correction what the agenda created and could lead to the discovery of the agenda behind the Novus Ordo Mass.  I believe that that powerful agenda is still present.

Pope Benedict said in his book; “The Spirit of the Liturgy” that the Novus Ordo Mass was not organically developed.
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 If you do not believe me Google it for yourself.  You may feel I am out of order to bring these issues up and I am a traditional extremist.  No, I am just repeating what Pope Benedict said in his book.

We are so fortunate to be in a time when Catholics are re-studing the history of the Roman Missal.  Young people all over the world are using their brains to investigate these important Catholic Issues.  They love Jesus and His Catholic Church and will sacrifice for Her.