Traditional Love of Our Immaculate Mother Mary

All of us know how important Mary’s role is in protecting us and helping us as our Mother.  Because of her humility she is so powerful against the assaults of the demons.  God has deemed it so that He works through a mere human being.  The devil worked through deceiving the first woman Eve.  Eve deceived Adam and we have the whole human race infected with concupiscence; that being the tendency away from God and turned in on ourselves.  In other words Original Sin or a propinquity toward selfish sin.

Virgin Mary Annunciate_ANGELICO, FraIt does not seem fair that one woman and one man, the father and mother of all mankind, should have such a catastrophic effect on all their descendants.  But we can see the real effect of Original Sin right in our own families and if we are honest in our very own selves.  Parents do their best to raise good children, but they always fail because they have a fallen nature.  Depending on the degree holiness, love and discipline of the parents, the children come out very good to very evil and everything in between.  You can blame it on your children, your parents or your spouse, but the reality is that we are all defective and fail to behave perfectly a 100% of the time.  So our children copy our bad habits or are traumatized by our sins and they become scared for life.

Fall of Man_CORNELIS VAN HAARLEMPsychologist love to blame all the problems we have on our parents.  They were too strict.  They were not affectionate.  They were addicts.  They were ignorant.  They were abusive.  They were dysfunctional.  On and on go the reasons for why we are seeing a psychologist and why we are not fulfilled in our lives.  Those terrible parents are to blame for our misery today.

Psychologist are correct in pointing our that our parents are to blame for some of our disorders.  But their parents tried to be the best parents and they failed and it goes back and back until we get to Eve and Adam.  All of us will fail in the future too because of the human disorder called Original Sin.

We can not blame everything on our parents and Original Sin.  We add to the damage, and to a much great extent, by our sinful actions.  We do have some problems we inherit, but by far the majority of the problems we have are because WE have deliberately chosen to SIN.  Stop blaming your poor parents for all your problems.  Man up and take your own blame.  Turn to God and ask for healing and forgiveness.  God can and will restore us through the Holy Sacraments of the Catholic Church.

380638207_543e609c62Salvation from our selfish sinful disorder comes in the person of Jesus Christ.  He took on our broken human nature to restore it back to order.  We will never be perfect like Adam and Eve before they experienced the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But by God’s intervention and our co-operation we can become new through the Holy sacraments, we will again be restored to becoming sons and daughters of the Most High God.  Jesus paid the price for our restoration with His sacrifice on the Cross, let us take advantage of His loving Sacrifice.

In anticipation of this redeeming sacrifice of Jesus, God allowed His chosen instrument, Mary, to be conceived, in the womb of St. Anne by St. Joaquin, without the consequence of Adam and Eve’s Original Sin.  The price was paid on Calvary but this redeeming grace was given some 48 years earlier when Mary was conceived without Original Sin.

Crucifixion_Christ on the Cross_ALTDORFER, AlbrechtBefore this great awesome event, all humans were slaves to the devil because of Adam and Eve’s actions of rebellion.  Now God in a singular preemptive act, liberates the future mother of His Son Jesus from the power and influence of the devil.  If God had not done this great miracle, and God can do what ever He wants and is not bound by time, Jesus would have been conceived in Mary’s womb while she being under the dominion of the devil.

Mary, at her conception, became the new woman who was not rebellious and absolutely obeyed God.  So God has blessed her and uses her to be the channel for Jesus’ graces of salvation that flows through her.  God used her to bring the Savior Jesus to the world.  Without Mary’s co-operation, God could not and would not have His Only Son Jesus become flesh to save the world.  Just like Eve, Mary’s yes and obedience effected all of humanity.  God allows her to continue to be that instrument.
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 She is not the source of saving grace, she is only, but nonetheless, the very important channel of God’s salvific grace.

Because Mary was never touched by the contamination of sin or gave in to the temptations of the devil, she never was effected by the fruit of sin, death.  For this reason she was taken into heaven body and soul.  St. John refers to her in Revelations 12 as “the woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet and who bore the the savior of the world.

immaculate-heart-sac-heartMary is completely one of us.  She is the perfect example for us when it comes to humility and obedience.  She sees our humble condition and is ready to help us when we call on her.  We deeply love her because our Savior Jesus loves her.  We love her because we can feel her motherly love in all she does to help us be holy, healthy and happy.  I can safely say that literally millions of miracle, small and big, come about through her loving intercession to God for us.

God is not like us, who use people and then forget how much they helped us.  God is eternally grateful to Mary for being the Mother of His Beloved Son Jesus and the instrument of the incarnation.  Thank you God for such a beautiful Gift to all of us your children.
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 We love You and love Mary.  Thank you Mary for all the miracles God has worked through you for each one of us.  We Love You God and We love you Mary.