Prepare for Death and Plan Your Requiem Mass Before it is too Late

Last week and today I offered the Latin Requiem Mass for families of people who have died in Mexico and are un able to be there.  So they have asked for a Holy Latin Mass for their family member here at St. Catherine of Siena in Phoenix.

Even though the body is not present a Catafalque is set up and covered with the pall and six large candles are placed around the Catafalque.  IMG_0524

I am so glad to be able to speak at these Requiem Masses about preparing well for death by a sincere confession and the consequences of dying in the state of mortal sin (Hell).  I talk about Purgatory and Heaven.  People do not speak at these Requiem Masses.  Therefore I do not have to hear the Eulogy about how everyone is already up in heaven and are now angels.  “They are no longer suffering.”  I have heard and heard this over and over again in the hundreds of Novus Ordo Funerals I have presided over.  What about the suffering in Hell?  What about the pains of the fire of Purgatory?  Why are we even having the Holy Mass offered for their souls if they went straight to Heaven?

IMG_0547I will wager that most of you at the Novus Ordo masses never hear about purgatory.  Yet on All Souls Day and through out November masses are offered for the Holy Souls.  All the money given in the All Souls envelopes is given to the priests as a stipend.  They gladly take the money but fail to mention why they are receiving (a very large sum every year) the money.  This money is given for masses for the deceased because the Holy Catholic church believes in Purgatory and has November as the month to pray to get souls out of purgatory.

The devil loves most funerals.  He loves that very very rarely does the word hell ever gets mentioned at a funeral.  People are grieving and that is difficult.  But that does not justify denying the fact that if you die with one mortal sin you go to hell period.  How many funerals I have said where the person never went to mass.  “He was a good person, he loved his family and he is in heaven” is always said.  That does not cut it.  So everyone goes on thinking there is no hell and if there is, absolutely no one goes there.  And we priest, so we do not offend anyone, continue to indirectly lie and fool the people in thinking that their loved one is in heaven with God because we do not say anything about hell if they died without confessing mortal sins.  I say “it does not look good” when someone dies in mortal sin.  I will leave the final judgement to God, but it is most probable that they are in hell, and I am very very sad about that, and for this reason, want to let people know that it is not easy to enter the Kingdom of God as Jesus said.  I want to live my life to save souls from going to hell.  I want to get people into heaven.

IMG_0556One time in 1946 someone asked Sister Lucia (from the apparition of Fatima) how was it possible that a young women would be in Purgatory till the end of time?   When Mary appeared in 1917, Lucia was asked to inquire about a young women they all knew who had died in Fatima and was told by the Virgin Mary that she was going to be in purgatory till the end of time.  Lucia answered, “what is to be in purgatory till the end of time compared with being in hell for all eternity for one mortal sin.”

16301-christ-on-the-cross-between-the-two-pieter-pauwel-rubensIt is so wonderful to be a traditional catholic and be warned about the eternal consequences of our actions here in this life.  The Requiem Mass is so so powerful for our souls after we have died.  All the prayers are so powerful and begging for God’s mercy.  Thank God for this great Sacrifice of Jesus offered at the Requiem Mass for the souls of the departed.  I, a great sinner, need the Holy Requiem Mass after I have died.  Put it in you will, you want a Latin Requiem Mass.  Tell all your relatives way ahead of time. Find a church and a priest willing to offer this Holy Mass for your soul.  Also have masses offered for the souls of your loved ones.  Everyone says they love the deceased, than show it by offering Latin Masses for their souls to get out of purgatory.  We are so fortunate to have the Gift of God to help souls, the Holy Requiem Mass.