Alice von Hildebrand # 4 Symbolism in Traditional Mass

Last part of the article by Alice von Hildebrand from The Latin Mass Magazine Spring 2010.

pstpiio-1“Another striking feature of the Traditional Mass is role that symbolism plays in it.  This is a rich topic.  I shall limit myself to mentioning that the Priest starts Mass at the foot of the Altar.
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 How deeply meaningful that he should first prepare himself to ascend to the Altar of the Lord, where he has the unbelievable privilege of representing Christ: alter Christus.  His mission is to lead us to Christ, and as leader he should take his sheep in the right direction: East, for Christ is the Sun of Justice and the sun rises in the east.

The repetition of words as “Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus” (to mention just one such instance) has been criticized as “useless repetition.”  Once again, the person raising this shallow criticism fails to distinguish between “information” and “communication”; How tedious would it be (typical of a disturbed or senile person) if someone would tell us five times in a row: “Today is Saturday.”  Most likely, we would lose our patience and say; “It is enough; I now know it.
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”  But can one imagine that a wife would say to her husband: “You already told me a breakfast that you love me; it is no new to me, I know it.”

9514171_veri-filosofi-sono-coerenti-intervista-ad-alice-von-hildebrand-pubblicata-sull-osservatore-romano-0These are a few thoughts expressing my gratitude for the very beautiful show that Father Goodwin presented on Television, and my gratitude to EWTN for making it available to the world.”