Traditional Catholic Men # 4 Sports and Health

Real men like competition.  Sports is about competition.  So sports are a very important part of boys maturing into healthy men.  Girls and women like sports too.  Exercise and eating well is part of a normal man’s way of life.  Sports are a way that we can exercise and have fun together.  Through sports we learn that we do not do well when we do everything on our own, but instead need to work as a team to achieve goals and to win.  How many times have I played with good sportsmen who hog the ball because they are the best and only pass it to their friends.
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 But I have not seen their team win.

IMG_9616Sports are a good way for us to learn humility and teamwork.  Yes, you want the best players on your team.  But that does not mean you show off and hog the ball and the show.  We play our best and keep practicing to get better.

Sports and exercise are great ways of releasing stress and excess energy.  It is a good way to release negative energy without acting out.  Men and boys were never meant to be sitting passively in front of the the TV watching others play sports and live their lives.  So to get you to do this they put sexy women on the TV to keep you there watching.  Normal boys and men want to be out running around, playing an doing things.  Interact with real people not virtual reality.

I am all for watching sports played by family and friends.  I am all for watching sports at schools.  But we need to realize that it is only a game and if our team happens to loose it is not the end of the world.  At most of the Home Games at Escalon High School, I was invited by the coach and his wife to come and pray with them.  I would sit in the out zone and pray the Holy Rosary with the coach’s wife.  We would pray for the kids to not get hurt, to have fun and to win.  We would also pray for the conversion and salvation of everyone there at the game.  You can ask the coach and his wife if our prayers worked.  Many times most of the people at these games would pray with me too.  It was a great way of evangelizing.  Most of the people, Catholic and non-Catholic would appreciate my prayers.

One time at the game for northern California championship, Escalon High was something like 9 points behind with 2 minutes remaining.  Myself and the coaches wife and some friends did not give up faith and kept praying the Holy Rosary.  In the very last minutes, a pass was thrown and a player caught the ball and gain a 1st. down.  In the newspaper it was put down as a “Hail Mary Pass”.  This is a commonly used expression that people in the media do not know where it comes from.  Yes, it comes from praying the Holy Rosary to win games (Hail Mary full of grace…).

When I play soccer or basketball, I always have my team pray to win.  But we also pray for the end of abortion, that everyone will love the Holy Latin Mass, the conversion of sinners, the conversion of the Muslims, for the poor, the sick, the drug addicts, holy marriages and many other intentions.  Most do not want to pray, but it makes the game a prayer while we are having fun.

Boys and men love tackle football.  I am no good at that, but it is good that they can be ruff and not intentionally hurt anyone.  Men and boys should not play with women or girls except in non-contact sports like volley ball and baseball.

Men are ruff and should be ruff.  Women are not ruff and should not be ruff.  Again testosterone and estrogen.  One to defend and provide and the other to nurture and give life.  Yes men and women should cooperate together and complement each other in many actives.  We need each other.  But there are time when we should do things differently and alone.  It is a scandal to have young men wrestling with young women.  I admire greatly the young christian man who gave up his championship because his christian beliefs did not allow him to pin a woman down and be in such an intimate physical contact with her.  Men are to protect women, not knock them down.

Men are better athletes in some areas and women are better in other areas.  Why do we have to have boys and girls do everything the same.  There is a time to let men be good men and women to be good women.  Also we do not want to offend God by the uniforms that are worn.  The cheer leaders are a perfect example of immodest dress and behavior.

IMG_7951So much wasted time is spent by families in sports events and competitions.  Life is too short to waste all you time going from one sport event to another.  One sport per semester is enough.  Put God FIRST, the family second, work and school third and sports and other activities fourth.  Did you read that, FOURTH.  So many Catholics do not have time for prayer, catechism or Holy Mass because they are traveling around at tournaments.  You can save a lot of money too.  If you have so much money give it to the poor or to church.

Now comes commercial sports.  My saying goes; “SPORTS IS THE OPIATE OF THE MEN”.  Karl Marx coined the saying; Religion is the opiate of the masses”.  This meant that religion is a drug that desensitizes the poor from rebelling against the rich because it teaches them that their riches will be given to them in heaven, not here on earth.  So religion keeps them passive and not warriors to take away from the rich their wealth.  So I am saying “while Rome burns, Nero fiddled” or in other words “while the world go to hell men sit around and watch sports and go on talking about it for hours”.  All the money and time lost over some stupid game. It is very different when it is you kid’s game or your school’s game.  There you are supporting them and enjoying friends and family in a healthy way.

Organize commercial sports are a way to get you to sit around and watch advertisements to get you to buy things that you do not need, to drink things that are not good for you and to see things that are outright immoral.  I heard that at the half time of the Super Bowl this year they had a Illuminati initiation rite while millions watched.  I will never forget the last Super Bowl half time I watched with Janet Jackson taking off her part of her clothes or the year before with a streaker in the add.  I went to be sociable with friends who invited me.  That was the last time.  Too much drinking of alcohol goes on at these sports events too.

A019_Fatima03Exercise and eating properly is very important for the body and the soul.  Both the body and the soul make up you.  So we need to take care of this body God has given us to be our servant.  Soda is a very bad to drink.  Once in a while I will drink some when offered.  I never buy junk food and do not have it around the house to tempt me to eat it when I am hungry or frustrated.  We need to make it easy to be healthy.  My rule is to eat healthy first and then eat some dessert if I have some or am offered some.  If you have a eating disorder, again you need God’s grace and help to overcome it.  One way of not overeating is to drink a lot of water with you meal.  Water is very very important to drink.  Many health problems come from not drinking enough water and instead drinking sugar/corn syrup drinks.  Eat all the healthy food you want.  Healthy food fills you up.  Junk food makes you want more.

IMG_9297We all need to make sacrifices.
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 How about instead of fasting, you give up junk food, sugar and soda.  You will feel better, have more energy and be less depressed.  Exercising and eating right helps so much with being cheerful.  You can go out on a walk with the whole family and pray the Holy Rosary.

None of this is easy.  That is why we need a strong and constant prayer life and good friends with whom we can have happy good times without alcohol, drugs or junk food.  I want to continue encouraging you all to get together with other families and friends to have holy, happy and healthy time together.  Pray, play and eat together.  Encourage each other to eat healthy, pray and exercise.  We are so fortunate to be Traditional Catholics and to know how to be loving and have good clean fun.