Traditional Catholic Men #3 Marriage is to have Children

Most men do not become priests.  We need to pray that more men are willing to give up a wife, children and relations to serve God as holy priests.  But nevertheless, a man who marries should be holy as well.  If we want to go to heaven we need to be saints.  Only saints get into heaven.  And, as all you who are reading this know, it is very hard to be a saint, especially for us men who have so many sexual temptations all the time.

Archuke Imre and Archduchess Kathleen | Spiering Photography Why does God give us sexual attraction?  To go out of ourselves and to find a holy wife to love and have children with.  Today with an inundation of sexual images and lies, we have come to see that sex is only for pleasure and that if by accident a child is produced, it is to be killed, if not wanted.   We see sex as purely for pleasure and forget the biological fact that when a man and a woman have relations it is to have a child, period.  God gave this attraction to keep the human race in existence.

The contraceptive mentality has brainwashed most catholics to believe that you can disagree with the church and use contraception to choose how many children you want and when you want.  Having children today is like shopping at the mall.  Many couples even use artificial insemination to have the child they want.  This is totally immoral.  Vasectomies and tubal ligations are immoral too.

Eva's Baptism 6 May 2011 + Party 002Traditional men, co-operating with their wives, have all the children that God wishes to give them.  Children are a blessing not a curse.  You who are reading this were a blessing from God when you were conceived.  It is like saying; “I exist, but I only want a few other people to exist”.  There is no greater gift in this life than a child.  Only the children you conceive have the possibility of spending eternity in heaven with God.  No existence, no heaven.

Right off you will think, it is not fair because the wife is the one having the children and has to feed them and raise them.  How can a man force a wife to have such a huge sacrifice.  It is wrong and abusive of women?  The answer to this is that the purpose of marriage is to have children.  If you do not want children, do not get married or have relations.  Yes it is a great sacrifice on the part of the wives, but it is also a great joy to be a mother.  And all the children are given by God to be little helpers.  It is a great sacrifice for the husband too and he is to help as much as he can with the of raising the children.  Are you not thankful for the sacrifice your parents made so you could be born?  I sure am.

SACR - 2011.09.24 - Nuptiae Kiss & Schubert 1My parents got married because they knew their vocation was to have a large family.  My mother did not get pregnant right away so they started adopting children.  They had adopted 4 boys when I came along.  While my mother was 6 months pregnant with me she adopted a girl.  They continued to have 5 more natural kids and adopt 8 more kids.  There were 19 kids in my family.  My father and mother love children and even wanted more.  Today this is looked down upon.  So men before you get married be sure you know why you are getting married and talk it over with your future wife.

Natural Family Planning is only for very grave reasons such as health reasons, psychological reasons, and financial reasons.  Many men are sinning sexually because they are spacing their children and can not have relationships during the fertile time.  Many of you men reading this will know exactly what I am saying.  If only we trust God to give us the courage to have children, He will provide.  My parents always say the reason people do not have a lot of children is because they do not have faith in God’s providence.  The Mexicans have a saying that every child is born with a sandwich under it’s arm.  In other words, God will give each kid the food he needs to live in this world.

Natural Family Planning can also be abused and used as birth control and that is wrong.  Open your heart and be generous.  God knows what He is doing.

In Europe, and quickly following here in the USA, the birth rate has fallen sharply.  I am not a racist, but the fact is that the white race is disappearing because of birth control and abortion.  Margaret Sanger was a racist and eugenist.  She believed that the white race was the pure race and that all other races were inferior and to be eliminated.  She was who used her second husbands wealth to develop the birth control pill.  Look what has happened, the white supremest has help to eliminate her own race.  Go against God’s plan and it always backfires on you.   Children are a blessing not a curse.

All the children God wanted to send you, and you were not generous enough to accept, you will have to answer to Him for.  If that is the case in your life, confess that sin too.

Of all the greatest accomplishments in my like, I value most of all the lives I have save from abortion and the children I have talked parents into having.  Children live and have a life because I speak the catholic truth.   Below is Anastasia whom I saved from an abortion.

SONY DSCRead Pope Paul’s encyclical Humanae Vitae.  I am not the horrible person some of you will think after reading this blog.  What I am stating has always been taught by the the Catholic Church.  If we had been faithful to this teaching, we would be growing as a church.  Instead we a dying as a church.  No more kids in catechism or schools or in the pews.  It is very very sad to not see children running and playing and helping.  God knows what we need and He loves us.  The muslim religion is way our growing us because of all the converts they are having and the children they are having.

So you traditional men and women talk about this before you get married.  Be willing to sacrifice your selfish desires to accept the gift of children God wants to give you.  The Old Testament is full of passages that encourage having many children.  The Bible starts right off in the beginning with God telling Adam and Eve to “Go and be fruitful”.  Sterility has always been seen in Holy Scriptures as a curse.

IMG_0030As I have brought up before about the Biological Solution to Modernism and Liberalism in the Church, the liberals do not have many children and are not replacing themselves.  At all the Tridentine Masses you see many young families with a lot of children.  Thank you husbands and wives who are making such a huge sacrifice to have large families.  But God knows that you will be way happier now and forever with children around.  I am so thankful to my parents for having me and all my brothers and sisters.  I am thankful to God to for my life.  Without my parent’s sacrifice, even God could not have brought me into existence.  It is so wonderful to be a Traditional Catholic and to exist and have the joy of lots of kids around us.