Traditional Catholic Men #1 Be Holy

Jesus Christ and St. Joseph are excellent examples of how we Catholic traditional men should live our lives.  To sum it all up, as men in this evil world, we have a very difficult time to be holy.  This means nothing less than plain striving to be holy men; period.  We have to stake all our lives on this so that we do not go to hell and do go to heaven.

E004_SoulsInHell0That may be an abstract concept, so I will go into the nuts and bolts of what God expects of us men and the obstacles we deal with everyday.

The first and foremost factor is an intimate union with God.  To enjoy being in constant communion with Him.  We desperately want to please God with our lives and never do anything that would offend Him and break this relationship with Him.  So, obviously, we need to be men of prayer and to be living lives of holiness.  Availing oneself to the reading of the Holy Bible is of utmost importance too.  Having holy men friends who challenge us to be holy is also extremely important.

We men love to fight wars and use guns.  Last weekend on the father/son camping trip, I observe the boys constantly using their plastic bee bee guns to shoot each other and shoot cans.  We love to hunt and fish.  We love competition, and especially in sports.

logocristeroI am saying this because we are created by God to fight the good fight against the devil, the world and the flesh.  We are to be the warriors that defend God’s Church and our families.  That is both spiritually and physically.

Feminist hate that there is a difference between men and women.  We have testosterone and they have estrogen period.  We are more aggressive and volatile.  We are created by God to be more muscular and have more strength.  This is because we are to be men who protect and work.  The simple proof that we are so different than women is to see what percent of prison inmates are male and female.  From all the years I have visited jails, prisons and Juvenile Halls, it has always been 70% male and 30% female.  We men act out in violent ways and get locked up.

Men are taller, stronger and have deeper voices.  This is so that we can command respect and protect.  This is a gift from God.  We need to use it for Him and not abuse this strength.  When women and children are afraid when someone is breaking in or acting strange, they call the men to go and see what is going on.  As a child I always felt secure when my dad was around.  I did not when he was away at work and danger was eminent.

I say all of this because when we know who we are and why we are created the way we are, it helps us see that naturally we are to work and protect our families and our Church.  But if we are not putting God first in our lives, we will abuse our strengths and get in big trouble.

Inorder to use our strengths in the correct way we need to be men of prayer and with passion for the things of God.  We need to have passion for the truth of the Catholic faith.

KnightIn prayer, we can do it differently from women.  We can be more active, like walking when praying the Holy Rosary.  Be altar boys and ushers at Holy Mass.  Fix up the parish buildings.  Organize and lead events that will change the world.  But still there needs to be quiet prayer and reading of the Holy Bible.  We need to lead the family to God.  The Holy Latin Mass is can be very masculine because it takes a lot of sacrifice to kneel so long and to be quiet and contemplative.  The altar boys have to be extremely disciplined and work together as a team.  It is very orderly and deals with the battle that took place on Calvary between Jesus and the devil.

You are the head of the house, both physically and spiritually.  But this office is dependent on your degree of holiness and how well you are humbly conforming your will to that of God’s.  Jesus and St. Joseph are perfect examples of humble leaders in the service of God.  Jesus laid down His life for His Holy bride the Church.  St. Joseph was head of Jesus and Mary.   As husband and stepfather, he humbly and sacrificially led, provided and protected them.  He never abused his authority as head and leader of his family because he was a man of prayer and holiness.

It is extremely difficult to be a holy man.  But that does not give us any excuse to not rise up to the occasion.  It is in us men to meet challenges.  This is the challenge, to not give in to sin and to instead turn toward God and become that great men God has created us to be.

In this series of blogs I am going to address what it means to be a holy traditional woman too.  I will address men and women’s issues of addictions, work, dating, discipline, honesty, transparency, love, maturity, pornography, different roles, birth control, and communication.

In no way am I an expert, but daily, like just today and everyday, I hear from fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives about their struggles to be good and the consequences of not doing things God’s way.

Cast Out Of HeavenThe world is one big mess and getting worse everyday.  Why not look at a totally different way of living as God would like so that we can live fulfilling, relaxed, and happy lives.  I ask all of you reading this blog to be honest about your prayer life, your family life and your internal peace.
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 What is the purpose of your life.  Every day is flying by.  Death is approaching.

IMG_8623We do not care what TV has indoctrinated into your head or what all your worldly friends say.  The plain matter of facts is that most of them are all messed up and love to have you messed up too so they do not feel guilty about their lives that go contrary to what God wants.

Why be unhappy?  Why not have meaning and peace in your life?  You ought to be smart enough to see through the shallow lives of those around you living the worldly life.  You can tell them and yourself; “been there, done that, and I am not going to repeat these stupid life mistakes.  I am now more mature, I now have God and therefore I am not going back.”