Our Blessed Mother Mary’s Modest Attire in Apparitions

The big question is why does Our Blessed Mother Mary appear in modest women’s clothing?  Most catholic women are vehemently against wearing modest clothing and will tear anyone apart (especially a priest) if they criticize them for wearing immodest clothing.

Some of these women say they love the Blessed Virgin.  Why would they not want to imitate someone they say they admire?  If you love Mary please try to imitate her.

When Our Lady appeared in 1531 in Mexico City she was totally modest.  Our Lady of Guadalupe

When Our Lady appeared in Lourdes France she was totally modest.

The_Grotto_of_Our_Lady_of_Lourdes_in_France_op_800x600When Our Lady appeared in Paris to St. Catherine Laboure in 1830 she was totally modest.

mary 4When Our Lady appeared in Fatima in 1917 she was totally modest.fatima_lady

I think it is quite obvious that Mary loves modesty and when we all die we too will see how important modesty was while we lived here on earth.

Just this week a man told me he stopped going to Holy Mass because of the sins he was committing seeing immodest women in the church.  I told him to sit in the first pew and not to look at anything except the priest at the altar so he would not sin in church.

Another friend’s wife left him with his 3 children.  Trying to be a good catholic, he promised God to be chaste until his wife some day returned.  He also told me how hard it was to have pure thoughts while in church because of the sexy clothing of the women in church.

Many women get angry when this issue is brought up.  They say the bad is in the men and they should not look and have bad temptations.  We will see when we die.  I have heard that not only will the men who lust in their hearts go to hell but also the women who purposely provoked them by their clothing.

Today I went to a home where they take care of old people to hear confessions and give Holy Communion.  The TV was on.  In the first seconds I went into the room at 1:00 in the afternoon, I see a woman unbutton her blouse and you could almost see everything.  I am not saying this is immodest dress, this is plain pornography on regular TV stations.  I never watch TV so it was a huge shock to me to see almost all of unclothed breasts on a regular TV channel.  Of course we instantly shut it off and then gave the sick Holy Communion.  Please try to give up TV.  Don’t let your children look at this.

We are all sinners with concupiscence, so let us help each other to be pure and holy.  With God’s graces, and Mary’s intercession, we can live a life that pleases God.  We are so fortunate to have traditional guidelines to help us live like Jesus and Mary.