Father Son Camping Trip and The Holy Latin Mass

There is a men’s group at St. Catherine of Siena that meet every Saturday to study the Sunday readings.  They are very involved in the Phoenix Men’s conference.  They invited me to go on their Father/Son camping trip.
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  They are sleeping in tents, but there is a beautiful home where I was able to sleep and where they do the cooking.

DSC07628When I was invited to the father/son camping trip, I told them I would go but would be offering the Holy Latin Mass.  So we had a very beautiful mass in the field last night and this morning.  I am happy that they want to learn about the Tridentine Mass.

We went Blue Ridge Reservoir and the fathers with theirs sons had a great time fishing and swimming together.

DSC07706DSC07756It is so important for men and women to get together alone to learn about how to be holy men and women in a world that teaches the opposite.  I want to encourage all of you who read this blog to start women’s Bible groups and men’s Bible groups.  Then also get together as families and singles to pray, have fun and eat together.  We need each other’s love and support in a church that persecutes us and a world that persecutes us.  I know that not all the bishops and priests are against the Latin Mass, but many are and that is discouraging.  That is why we need to love and support each other and learn together. We need to love and pray for them too.

Studying the catholic faith and the Bible are very very important.  If you are in the Phoenix area they meet at ReMax Realty on S Central Ave Saturday at 8 am.

I showed the youtube “A Meditation on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass” by Michael Sestak to the men and their sons.  They had a lot of questions about the Tridentine Mass.
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DSC07754Each one of us can do something to help share, as Pope Benedict said; “the great treasure of the Latin Mass” with our friends and relatives.  I reflect on how many people I am hearing about who are discovering and loving the latin mass.  You too know what I mean.  Just rejoice in how much the Tridentine mass has spread all over the world in the last 7 years since Summorum Pontificum.  Thanks be to God.  Holy Spirit we trust in You.