Power of Contemplative Prayer and the Holy Latin Mass

When I started St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in Santa Cruz California in 1982, I was very judgmental about Contemplative Orders who prayed all the time in silence.  I wondered why they didn’t get out and help the poor, visit the sick and teach catechism.   As I worked more and more with the poor, thinking I that could help all the poor and mentally.  I soon realized that my very small part would have very very little effect on all the poor all over the world.
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 That is when I realized that only God can take care of all the poor, sick, drug addicts, alcoholics, and mentally ill.  My efforts were only tiny drops in an huge ocean of suffering.

IMG_6612Youth that helped at the Kitchen in Santa Cruz 2011

 I could never have lasted the 9 years of doing this work if I had not put prayer as the foundation of what I was doing.  Daily mass, liturgy of the hours and a hour before the Blessed Sacrament kept me going.

Since I was 23, I often visited the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sir.  I would go to the hermitage for retreats when I was running the kitchen.  I found it more difficult to be quiet and pray for 5 days than running the kitchen.   After a while and if you really work on quieting down, you actually start enjoying it.

So when we have criticism of Latin Mass people as being antiquated, naval gazers and living in stuffy sacristies, we can see the faulty logic.  The pope is saying get out and be in the actual world.  Most of us are out helping the sick, the poor and are involved in catechism.  But more importantly is that we are praying for the world and the conversion of sinners.  We are trying not to sin and live lives that are pleasing to God.  “The prayers of a righteous man availeth much.” James 5:16

800px-Kathedrale_Bourges_v2The world is getting so bad and we as humans are working so hard to resolve the problems.  But it is not working.  Our efforts are commendable, but we are loosing the battle.  That is why we need contemplative prayer and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The devil and the world are such a huge magnet and force, that our tiny efforts are not getting the job done.

We need God’s almighty power to over come the devil and the evil in the world.  What greater way to over come the evil than with the Holy Latin Mass and prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  Also the rosary.

The pope and all the social justice catholics want to help others especially the poor.  That is good and we do too.  But we are just spinning our wheels, if we do not have God working along side us.

Sin is what causes poverty.  In Brazil there is a great amount of drug use like here in the USA.  Just going out to the drug addicts is not going to stop addiction.  Alcoholics tear their families apart.  The greed of the rich and their materialistic life style exploits the poor.  Having children with out having the holy commitment of marriage causes poverty and unbalance children.

Sin is what causes all the suffering in the world.  Our sins.  Social Justice does not stop sin.  It only helps the victims of sin.  We need to preach that sin destroys society and people.

NapolesThat is why we need traditional catholicism.  We have the big weapons to defeat satan and his co-workers.  So instead of ridiculing us and persecuting us, the church should be thanking us for being warriors against the cause of all human suffering; sin, the devil, selfishness, and the lies of the world that entrap most of the world in a life of emptiness.