Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate Disciplined

I certainly do not know everything about the internal doings of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.   I do know people who are third order members and have so much respect for this order.  I also know that Cardinal Burke has high regards for them.  He entrusted to them the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Lacrosse Wisconsin.

FI 6Now if there are grave problems in the order like that of the Legionaries of Christ, why are they being disciplined in how they offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?  Precisely because they are being told to celebrate the New Mass and only with special permission to offer the Latin Mass seems to say that the problem is in their love for the Traditional Tridentine Mass.  We do not know the whole story.
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 But what we do know is that the majority of the member’s love for the Tridentine Mass.

I read in a blog this list that the author puts in with his evaluation of the Franciscan Friars. He feels that they are tending toward these beliefs and are being disciplined for these tendencies.  Here is the list he posts.

a) the denial of the Jewish holocaust
b) the outright denial of Vatican 2 as a valid council
c) rhetorical style of the Rorate Caeli blog
d) the embrace of isolationist sub-culture of Catholicism or “Amish Catholicism”
e) the denial the charismatic gifts and the charismatic movement
f) sympathy for the Bp Williamson’s style of traditionalism
g) disdain for Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis
h) the belief that Latin Mass Catholics are “A Team” and Novus Ordo Catholics are “B Team”
i) Gnostic ecclesiology – that “traditionalists” form the one true invisible Catholic Church

Maybe he has been in their order, knows many of the Franciscan Friars and has talked with them personally about their views.  So if he has directly found that the order has espoused all these views, then something is wrong with the order.  But I have a very hard time believing he knows everything they aspire too.  I think he is categorizing an order without sufficient evidence.   I feel he is imposing his own view of traditional catholics on them.

Christ-the-High-Priest_thumb[3]First, bishops, priests and laity, who love the Tridentine Mass are as diverse as any other group of people.  So to apply this list to all of us is totally unfair and untrue.

I would dare to say we do have somethings in common.  Here is my list.

We do not want to dress in the sexy clothing that is all too apparent when watching any TV.

We want to Love God above all things and please Him in all things.

We have a great love for the Virgin Mary and the Holy Rosary.

We read about the saints and try to emulate their lives so as to be good catholics.

We have been in the liberal church and most of us have been liberals before.

We love the sacred, beauty and reverence.
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We love gregorian chant and quiet.

We want liturgies that are God centered and not man centered.

We deeply care about the salvation of all souls.

We believe in the devil and his minions.

We believe in hell and that people do go there as Jesus states in the Holy Bible.

We believe in purgatory and that is why masses are offered for the dead.

We believe in the pope even if we do not agree with everything he says and does.

We believe in catholic doctrine as given in the deposit of faith handed on by the apostles.

We believe in what the church has taught for the last 1980 years that can never change.

We study our faith and try to live our faith in our everyday lives.

We have experienced that the always changing new teachings are wanting and unfulfilling.

We have been persecuted and been treated as second class members for these beliefs.

We use our intellect and studies to find catholic truth and to stick to that truth.

We have seen the decline in the church since Vatican II and wonder what happened.

We have experience sacrilegious and scandalous New Masses.

We have been taught in catechism classes, seminaries, seminars and Bible studies incorrect catholic teachings.

We are mostly youth and young families with many children who are highly educated.

But the bottom line is that we all love God and want to please Him and go to heaven.