Simple Truth of How Traditionalist are Treated Many Places

From 2 readers of this blog:

“Thank you for this post, Father. I needed to read your words of encouragement today. So many of us are treated as second class citizens in the Church only because we want to worship and pray like our forefathers.

I am 31 years old and my wife and I are about to have our third child. We only attend the Traditional Latin Mass now and seek to have it spread as far and wide as possible.”



The youth are the ones who love the Holy Tridentine Mass.

“I’m afraid that I might loose the ability to get to the Holy Latin Mass next week. My boyfriend (whose comment was recently featured on your blog) and we have been doing everything in our power to go to Latin Mass as often as we can, fighting to go because both of our families have been very harsh on us when we try to go to Latin Mass. The true problem is that my family will be switching parishes next week, and the parish is everything but protestant; plus, the mass there is at the same time as the Holy Latin Mass that I’ve been going to, so it will be impossible for them to take me there.

The only reason why my family has let me go to the Latin Mass each week was because their parish was close to Holy Rosary, the very traditional parish that I have been attending Latin Mass at, and my boyfriend was going with me. I have tried to speak to my family about why I go, why I love it, and why it is so important for our souls. My younger siblings all understand it very well, but my parents are stubborn, especially my dad. I brought them to Latin Mass with me last Sunday, but my dad said it was a “historical reenactment.” This really made me sad because I love my mom and dad and my four younger siblings dearly, and I really want them to go to Heaven.

The parish that my family is switching to is much closer to my house than the last one, but it is much more modern. The church itself looks like a spaceship! It is a novus ordo parish, where women dress immodestly and everyone receives the Holy Eucarist by hand. I’m not sure what I will do seeing Christ abused like this each week. I cannot drive, so I cannot go to Holy Latin Mass, if my boyfriend isn’t here to help me get there.

When my boyfriend goes back to college in a month, it seems there will be no chance that I can go to the Holy Latin Mass anymore. What do you suggest I do? He will also be unable to attend, since he will be living over an hour away from the pariah that offers Latin Mass. What can he do? I am worried for my family and myself. How can I help my dad to understand that the Holy Latin Mass is not a “historical reenactment?” My siblings will also go to the catholic school at this new parish. I’m afraid they will begin to believe the modernist teachings there. I do not want them to be led astray from Christ and the true teachings of the Catholic Church.”