By This Holy Water and by Thy Precious Blood

This weekend, Fr. Saenz and myself exorcized and blessed Holy Water at all of the parish’s masses.  Two weeks ago I began planning this very important event.  First we inserted in the bulletin the article on just a drop of Holy Water.  We announced that in two weeks we would be exorcising and blessing Holy Water.  We reminded people last weekend to bring water.

BoyAtHolyWaterFont-bYesterday and today, after all the masses were ended, we had the people come and put the water on the altar rail and they knelt down on their own.  We already had exorcized the  salt.  Then we prayed the latin exorcism and blessing of water rite.  At the part where we put the Exorcized salt in with the prayer, we prayed “Commixtio salis et equae pariter fiat,” and stopped there.  We then put the salt in finishing the prayer, “in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen   We put it in each bottle and made the three crosses as we said the formula.  Then we continued the final water blessing prayer.

Since this was out side of mass, I did some catechizing on the power of this Holy Water for healing the body and soul, chasing the devil away and healing the sick.  I also explained that using Holy Water goes along with a holy way of life and dressing modestly.

Literally hundreds of people brought their water to these masses.  With everyone bringing their bottles of water into mass and having to wait patiently have it blessed and to get the salt in their water, it all went so smoothly.

I asked them to sprinkle this water around their neighborhoods too.  I have faith, that this simple, but powerful instrument of God, will have a great effect on these families, the neighborhood and the parish.

Just like exorcising the St. Benedict’s medal, it all takes so much time.  This way of blessing Holy Water, hundreds of people now are able to have this exorcised holy water in their homes.

holy-waterThis is such a simple way of helping people in a very traditional way.  There is a difference between the two blessings of Holy Water and there is more power against the devil.

Here are a few words from the Latin Rite that show the beauty of this rite: “Let this creature serve thee in expelling demons and curing diseases.  what so ever it sprinkles in the homes of the faithful, be it cleansed and delivered from harm.  Let such homes enjoy a spirit of goodness and an air of tranquility, freed from baneful and hidden snares.”

When ever we bless our selves or our children or sick people with this holy water we need to memorize this traditional prayer;

“By this Holy Water and by Thy Precious Blood, Wash away my sins, O Lord!”  

holywaterfontWe are so fortunate to be traditional catholics.  Holy Spirit I trust in You.