Suffer for Love of God and Catholic Tradition

All of you who are suffering for kneeling for Jesus in Holy Communion, or for trying to have a Tridentine Mass in your parish, or for dressing modestly, need to let people know why you are doing it.  Love of God.  Love of God.  Respect for God.  Respect for God.

Padre Pro 2We are ONLY doing it because we love God, Mary, the saints and our catholic faith.  Over and over again we need to remind ourselves that when you do something for God and suffer for it, He is standing right next to us and will help us.  Again, Our Help is in the Name of the Lord who Made Heaven and Earth.  That is pretty powerful.

When Mary appeared to the children at Fatima, Lucia was persecuted by her family because all the people were trampling the families crops and they had nothing to eat.  Then the priest was asking if it was really the virgin Mary.  Lucy was desperate.  Our Lady told her, “I am ALWAYS at your side in all your trials”.  We need to believe that God, Mary, the angels and saints are standing at our side helping us and encouraging us.

We know that what we are doing pleases Him.  So we are confident in the final outcome.  As Jesus says, “who proclaims Him before others without shame, He will proclaim before His heavenly Father”.

Padre Pro 1Because we do all things, believe all things, out of Love for God, we must also do things with love.  The hardest commandment that Jesus gave us is to love our enemy.  So when we love those who persecute us for doing things with respect for God, we are practicing what Jesus asks.

The people in the church, that are persecuting us who are traditional, have all the temporal power.  They use it to try to stop us and to make life miserable for us.  None the less we continue on knowing that we do what we do out of love for God and for them.  We know that in the past the saints were treated the same.

ALTAR 070Jesus was treated the same by the church authorities of His time.  But over the long run, Jesus is the Victor.  If we stay in union with Him in prayer, our efforts will bear fruits.  Look at all the early christian martyrs who had no power against the Jews and Romans who were killing them.  But 300 years later things began to turn around.  They were willing to suffer for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.
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 And Jesus was triumphal.

We traditional catholics are here to Love God, restore catholic tradition and to save souls.
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 We need to pray for our own deeper conversion and the conversion of those who are blind to the devastation that is going on in the “new” church.   We were once blind to the difference between the Sacred Tridentine Mass and the New Mass.  We pray, work and trust in God that more and more eyes will be opened.

The great news is that all over the world more and more young people are discovering the great treasure of the Tridentine Rites.