Women Modesty and Feminist Ideololgy

Here is an intelligent good catholic woman who states it pretty much as it is on the comments of my blog.  Take the time to pray and meditate on this important truth.

Mary, Mother of God“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a single Catholic lady grad student trying to uphold a standard of modesty in my own life. I sometimes go to the internet to get support, tips and positive perspectives for my modesty endeavors–it can be hard being the only one for miles who takes modesty into account (and isn’t Muslim). Actually I am currently doing some research into it as I am reassessing my mode of dress, seeing where I can ramp up my effort and see where I’m slacking (Ex.
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My neck lines aren’t plunging but I have gotten a bit lazy with the two finger idea and because I didn’t know that there was a guideline for hems I’ve been following the Jewish guidelines of skirts only covering the knees completely when standing (and for my mostly when sitting)–I need to do some skirt/dress hem reconfigurations in my wardrobe). No I am not brainwashed or a prude or anything like that. Modesty is my thing. It’s what I do for God. It’s that extra mile that I can take for the King of the Universe.

So as I’m doing my research I see the comments. Without fail, I see nothing but vitriolic comments and snarky attitudes from women who will do anything to tear down the idea of dressing modestly. I have even seen women say that Padre Pio was simply off his rocker when it came to how women dressed–or that he was from a different time and thus what he said wasn’t relevant to today (He said Christ spoke through him, that he was Christ’s worthless tool. Does that mean to say that what Jesus said through Padre Pio shouldn’t be taken into account because, well it’s just irrelevant today? Regardless of what one thinks of what Padre Pio said, this is pretty much what it boils down to if what he claimed was true, that Jesus spoke through him. I believe it.) Anywho, it’s amazing how the cat claws come out and you can be all but cussed out by the people on the forums when you bring up modesty. And don’t you dare bring up the idea that perhaps skirts and dresses are more preferable to pants. You could lose and eye if you aren’t careful–even behind your computer screen.

I think it is also pride along with vanity. The whole ‘I am woman hear me roar, you can’t tell me what to do, I can do anything you can do better,’ mentality. Let’s be real here–feminism has infiltrated the Church to some degree or another. Any hint at modesty in dress is seen as an affront to female ‘freedom’, abuse from the big bad patriarchal man. I think this is why grandmothers and mothers freak out about their daughters not being able to dress this way. What else could the reason be? If it didn’t come down to pride and bucking the system, why would they get all upset that a priest is trying to protect the young girls from impurity? At the end of the day their reaction is boiling down to, ‘I don’t exactly mind if my daughter is on display for the increasing number of predators there are in the world, as long as she can exercise her right as a woman to not have to listen to a man telling her to dress like a lady’. If I was married with daughters, and my priest did what you did, I would shake his hand and thank him and then have a stern talking to with my child because I would make sure that she dressed modestly, and somewhere along the line she must have changed clothes without my knowing it.

IMG_0270I wish that these women who hint at the saints, popes, priests and laypeople who espouse modesty in dress, especially for women, being off their rocker or irrelevant or misogynistic or brain washed (if the person espousing it is a woman) or cultists (women who wear skirts and dresses all the time are often referred to as this–oh and holier than thou, that’s a big one in their insult arsenal) would just step back and get real. Just admit that hey, the heavy hitters of the Church (popes and saints) say that this is how things should be. I understand that. I also understand that some people wish to uphold these standards whether they be women who follow the guidelines or the priests/parents/so on who enforce them. I don’t knock them for it. But I will not comply. Why? Because I don’t want to. The end. End of story. I would have a lot more respect for that than the rather prideful vitriol and anger and disrespect that they show for anyone who opposes their ideals about walking around in less than modest attire. And what you said about prostitute clothing is so true. I once heard a priest say that the fashions of yesterday’s prostitute is the fashion for teen girls tomorrow. (ex. platform heels are now worn at the office when before they were only worn at the strip club).

Oh and there is the–well modesty is based on custom and the customs today say that immodest dress is modest. Well my question is this. The customs of today say that it is in vogue for men to marry men and women to kill their babies. Do we really want to follow the dictates of the customs from a world gone mad? Or is this more like the cafeteria? Where you pick and chose the pagan practices you fancy and leave the rest? And if it became to custom to wear absolutely nothing but the Wisconsin cheese hat on your head should we follow that custom of modesty as well? Many say we shouldn’t call attention to ourselves by dressing modestly and thus it is more modest to dress in the current revealing fashion than be caught dead in a skirt and long sleeves more than once a month. If America became a nudist colony, to wear clothes at all would call attention to yourself and that would be immodest right? And do I need to remind anyone that for 1960 years women’s mode of dress has pretty much stayed the same? For the most part it was modest and always in the form of a dress or skirt. I’m just sayin’. We aren’t just a Church of the Bible, we a Church of tradition. Sure dresses may be a little t tradition, but I do think that the last 1500 years can serve as a good guideline for what we should do today (and no I’m not saying we should haul out the hoop skirts (though I will always love the dresses of the 1860…)) I’m just saying that as a culture greatly influenced by the Church we were modest dress wearers and now in a culture greatly influenced by evil…we kind of aren’t any more. It strikes me as a little strange that after 1960 years of the opposite miniskirts and crop tops should suddenly be considered an okay thing to do–if not the preferable thing to do.

That’s my piece. Father, I’m sorry you have to deal with these up close and personal encounters or the vitriolic kind. I thought the comments on the interwebs were bad. I can’t imagine being harassed in real life. God bless you and thank you for attempting to keep the girls and woman in your flock (and the men who can be tempted to fall) as safe and pure as possible. You’ve got my *Golf Clap*.