Traditional 3 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

When St. Dominic was having trouble converting the Albigensian back to truth, Our Lady appeared and told him he would be successful if he prayed the Holy Rosary.  We all need help today, especially when we find ourselves in the many bad situations that sound us daily.  Not only in our world with all the fighting, revolutions and dangers, but also in our families and in our church.

Brooklyn_Museum_-_Our_Lady_of_the_Rosary_with_SaintsI pray the three traditional mysteries of the Holy Rosary every day.  I want to start by saying there is nothing wrong with meditating on the Luminous mysteries.  We can alway meditate on any aspect of Jesus’ life and death.  Reading the Holy Bible and especially the New Testament is of great importance.  That should be done on an regular basis and in a meditative and prayerful way.  So you can read and meditate anytime you would like on the life of Jesus; His baptism, His first miracle of changing wine into water, His preaching the Gospel, His transfiguration, and His celebrating passover at the Last Supper.  All these parts of Jesus’ life are of utmost importance.

But the Holy Rosary before was formed by the 150 psalms and with the Joy of the messianic arrival of Jesus, the Sorrow of the salvific suffering of Jesus and the Glory of the Risen Lord.

Why do we alway have to come up with a new improved catholicism.  What was wrong with the 1000 years people prayed the rosary and had so much success.  Mary gave us the Rosary and we should respect her.

Please keep on praying the Holy Rosary and begging God, through Mary’s intercession help for our families, our society and our church.  Mary is so so important for us.