Our Help is in the Name of the Lord, Who Made Heaven and Earth

Adiutorium nostrum om nomine Domini, qui fecit cealum et terram.  This is such a powerful verse to meditate on.  To just imagine how great Our God is to have made all of creation.  Not only did God create us and all the things we see, but He created all the invisible reality as well.  And this great powerful God is our helper.

Passione-di-Cristo Cocifisso 2We all have enemies who try to hurt us for being faithful to tradition, modesty, and catholic morals.  But who are they in comparison with this great wonderful powerful God.  And He not only loves us and shows us miracles as He works through us, but He also will reward us for ever for all the persecution we have received serving Him.

EnfermerasAll those who hate the Latin Mass will see when they die that they hated what God loved most.  We know this because it is so God oriented and sacred.  The power against the devil that the Latin Mass has is so great.  That is why people hate it, because the devil has put in their hearts a dislike for the sacred latin mass because he hates it.

Golden_TLMMay we, no matter what the difficulties we have or sufferings we may have to endure, continue to give God the very best.  He created us and sustains us and blesses us.  That is why He deserves the very best.  We always give the best to those we love most.