Stop Offending God and Start Pleasing Him.

Yesterday I offered a private latin mass for some of my friends.  Then I heard confessions.  My penance pretty much was “stop offending God and start pleasing God”.

We may not know what pleases God.  But we know for sure that any sin displease God greatly. So in our everyday activity we should simply be aware that our action should not in anyway be anything that would offend God.  That is; in how we speak, how we dress, what we watch, who we are with, how we raise our children, and how we spend our time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone who says they love God and are catholic would try to never displease Him.

rosarymadonna2bBut that is the negative side of things.  If we claim to be catholic and love God, how can we offend Him.  The positive side is to want to PLEASE HIM.  So in our decisions all day long we want to reflect on whether or not our choices are pleasing.
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 We can also think ahead of time so that we can plan actions that will please God.

Sad to say God has very few friends.
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 God has very few friends who deep in their hearts live to get closer to God and to serve Him whole heartedly.  The words of Jesus are very clear on this, to LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, SOUL, MIND AND BEING.  Probably this would be worth reading and memorizing and recalling to mind every morning when we wake up.

u4god1It is only secondarily that we then love our neighbor as ourselves.  That too is not easy to do.  And we need to show sincere love all day long too.  But again it needs to be pointed out that Loving God is above all other actions.  Therefore offending God is the very opposite of this most important commandment.  If you have a clean heart, you will have more energy to love others.  Most sins are very self gratifying and self centered.  When you get out of pleasing yourself and try to please God, you actually have more time and energy to love the people around you.  Sins take a lot of energy and time.

Here in the hospital this morning I ran into the family of Emilia.  She died last night.  Thank God I got her to try to say an act of contrition with me and I gave her the last rites.  I reminded the family in their grief, that it was a divine sign that I discovered that it was her birthday by telling them about the saint of the day whom her parents named her for.  Also Gabriel had a serious procedure today and so far he is alright.  Have been having great visits with his family and praying together.  May we continue to pray for and visit the sick.

Santo_Stefano_d'Aveto-santuario_madonna_di_Guadalupe-altare2I go by the old saints calendar.  There are way more saints on that calendar.  You can go on the new calendar or old calendar.  But the saints days were moved around.  That must have caused great consternation when it happened, because all the people all over the world in different cities had processions and special events for the saints feast day.  There is nothing wrong with adding saints to the old calendar as has been done through out the ages.  But I ask why did the church have to change the calendar that was followed for hundreds of years?

May all our actions be directed to PLEASE GOD and NOT OFFEND Him.  God give us the graces through Mary