Bold Traditional Catholics

Again last night sleeping in the waiting room of the NICU, I offered a pillow to an oriental family who had been there the night before.  One of young men had told me his father had heart surgery and his heart had become weak after and was not doing well.  But the wife and other son never said anything to me.  Finally last night after offering the pillow, the wife told me how critical her husband was and all that they had gone through.  So I was bold and prayed out loud for her husband; “Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph help”.  Then I asked his name and the wife told me Gabriel.  I said that is the name of an angel.  Then she told me they were catholics.  It was around 11:30 pm when this happened.   I then asked if she wanted me to go in her husband’s room and bless him will all my relics I brought with me.  So we went in and blessed him.  He looked very bad.  Today I offered my Holy Mass for him and all the sick people.  Tonight, when I went over to NICU I asked his wife how he is doing.  She said he is improving.  So I am very happy for them.

Pope Innocent with St. John of MathaLast night another family was in the waiting room who had someone in NICU waiting for a liver transplant.  Again talking to them I find out the husband is a somewhat catholic.  He told me he prays but doesn’t need to go to church.
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 Anyway I really encouraged him to re vive his catholicism.  I praying with him for his wife.  May God help all these people who are sick and all those who are bad catholics.  May the sick spiritually and physically be healed.

Just went to visit another patient Jose with whom I prayed with yesterday.  Jose is better today and moved out of NICU and in a step down room.

We need to visit the sick and pray for them. It is so hard to be sick and weak.  Went to visit two friends who are sick in their homes.  Don’t forget to give the sick exorcized Holy Water.  All they need to do is put a drop on them when every they feel discouraged.  We as catholics are so fortunate to have all this spiritual help.

xmaryheartill2But do not forget that many of the saints were sick.  When you are sick and weak, you become more humble because you loose control of that aspect of your life.  Maybe God has to reach us through sickness to get us to depend completely on Him every minute of our life.  When you are healthy you do not need God and forget that you are mortal.  You live in the illusion that you are in control of your life.
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 All of a sudden you get sick and life changes completely.  We need to offer up our sickness and ask God, Mary, St. Joseph, and all the angels and saints to heal us.

Again it is very important to learn from being sick.  You know what it feels like to be sick and then begin to have more love and compassion for the sick.  It is a great act of charity to visit and take care of the sick.  Many of the saints were sick, but also many of the saints dedicated their lives to caring for the sick.

IMG_8756Hospitals began from catholics caring for the sick and poor.  Most of the catholic hospitals were for free until recently when it has become very expensive.