Traditional Priest in Cassock in Hospitals

Here in Intensive Care at Stanford Hospital all sorts of divine intervention is happening.  My mom is doing well thanks to all my friends prayers and blind faith.

Messa-tridentina-Napoli-01So last night a cleaning woman introduced me to a family who were desperate.  She knew I was a priest because I wear my cassock.  Anyway the 20 year old woman had a heart and lung transplant yesterday but was doing very bad.  I went in with all my treasures (relics of the saints) and prayed with her.  I asked the nurse if I should give her last rites.  He said definitely.  So I did.  I tried to comfort the family.  Then in the middle of the night I heard them asking for the family Sanchez.  I knew what that meant.  Then I hear the mother crying desperately.  So I went into the room with the family and tried my best to give comfort and faith to them.  Then the surgeon and lung doctor and nurse came in and explained what happened.  The had opened Miriam up again and desperately tried to save her by massaging her heart but to no avail.

The surgeon and doctor needed my comfort too.  They too were all upset.  I was able to help them and they really appreciated it too.  This morning the surgeon again thank me for helping last night.

Early in the morning another Mexican lady was in the waiting room praying from a catholic prayer book.  We became friends.  She was praying the Divine Nino novena for her husband who also is very sick here.  Later I borrowed that prayer book and used it to pray with all the family of Miriam who had arrived.  I was able to pray and explain the importance of living a holy life.  The family really appreciated my help.  God really works through the priesthood.

van corpus christi iiThen another Mexican family asked me to pray for their mom.  When we were in the room I asked her name.  They said Emilia.  I again blessed her with all the relics and told them that the feast day today was St. Emiliano.  It was then that they told me it was Emilia’s birthday and was named for St. Emiliano.  Before in Mexico, the parents would give the name of the saint to the child because God allowed them to be born on that day.  Pray for her because she also probably will not make it.  We sang Las Mananitas for her and I helped her make an act of confession.

Then the Mexican man in my mom’s room, whom I had bless last night with the relics, wanted to go to confession.  He made a very good confession.  He has been in the hospital for around 3 months.  It is very very hard for him to be in bed and in the hospital for such a long time.  But I told him, it is not hell and he will eventually be release.  In hell it is so much pain and there is not end.  We do not like being in bed for a long time, but are not worried about hell after death where it will be fire, despair, demons, smells, horror.  Let us learn from our experiences here to avoid, at all cost, going to hell.

Then I left to offer a private Latin Mass at St. Francis of Assisi in East Palo Alto.  I know the priest and he was very kind to let me use the church.  I prayed for all these sick people and the soul of my friend who died yesterday and for Miriam’s soul.

st.-michaelAfter the Latin Mass, there was a wedding.  You can just imagine the sexually provocative clothing the women were wearing.  Here they come to the House of God and offend Him terribly.  I always want to take pictures to prove to priest and bishops how extremely sexy  the clothing really is.  I wonder why my friend, who is a good priest, would allow these women to come into church.  We will be judged for what we allowed to happen in our diocese, our parish and our home.  I am so glad I no longer have to deal with such blatant mocking of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament while we witness another sacred sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

I then took a shower and took a nap and caught up on my latin breviary.  When you are tired it is hard to pray.  Then went back to the hospital.  Spent more time with the family of the woman who was praying the Divine Nino Novena.  I talked with the whole family about being deeply converted and pleasing to God.  I also told them that their tight pants were wrong and that they should wear dresses.  They were very open to all I told them because they had seen all I had done with so many of the patients here in the hospital.
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 I them went to pray with her husband Jose Martin.  They appreciated it so much.  I also blessed the man who was in the next bed.

So God really works through a traditional priest.  Let us thank God we are not in the hospital and may we try to comfort the sick and their families.  Prayers, love and blind faith really works.

I have also had great visits with the nurses and helpers.  Just again tonight I meet the new cleaning lady Guadalupe.  She told me she tries to go to mass.  I said, no, first God, second family and third work.  We are so blessed to know what really matters.  We are so fortunate to have God, family and our catholic faith.
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