We are 100 % Catholics because we areTraditional

Right now I am at Stanford Hospital in California where my mother had a heart valve replacement.  On the flight from Phoenix again God worked.  I sat between a Mexican Catholic and a Chinese Buddhist who is married to a Catholic and was raised in the Philippines.  She asked me what order I belong too.  We had a great discussion as I explained how before all catholics all over the world went to the Tridentine Mass and pretty much knew what catholics believed in.  They may not have practiced what the church taught as truth, but they knew the basic right and wrongs as Jesus taught them.

Guadalupe046-1As I entered the airplane a lady seated in 1st class told me she was so happy I was traveling on the plane with her.  I blessed the whole plane right then.  The steward, Joe asked me too what order I was from.  I ask him if he was catholic with a name like that.  He said yes.

The Mexican lady and myself prayed a rosary out loud in Spanish.  We had a good visit too.  She is one of 17 children.  That really was very common before, believe it or not.  Families had lots of children.  She told me that her daughter got married late and wants children and has not had any.

I told her about two families I know, who could not conceive for years and went to Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in Mexico.  One of these couples actually conceived right there in Mexico.  Anyway I told her she should have her daughter go to Our Lady of Guadalupe.

But then I said that it was also important that her daughter live a life that pleases God and Mary.  She then told me her daughter was not married in the catholic church.  So I told her that if we want God and Mary to help us in any way, we need to be sure we are living a life that is in conformity with what they ask.  That means being married in the catholic church, going to holy mass every Sunday and regularly confessing.

Resurrection_Christ_stained glassBut it also means living a life of prayer, of love, and charity to others.  It means not looking at Television, bad movies or listening to bad music.  (I do agree that it is alright to have DVD players  and computers that are use for religious things).  It also matters how you dress, how your work,  and being honest.

What I am trying to say is that being catholic evolves every part of our lives.  Our marriages, work, prayer, dress, friends, time, in other words, being a complete catholic all the time.

I was getting gas and greeted a women in another car and I noticed she had a rosary around her mirror.  So you would assume she is catholic.  But then you ask, what kind of catholic.  Some people even wear rosaries who are not catholic.  The Chinese Buddhist had a rosary bracelet.  So we traditional catholics are trying to not be part catholic, but a hundred percent catholic.  We want to please God, Mary, St. Joseph and all the angels in the way we live and are.

It so good to know that we will be blessed by God and Mary in so so many ways because we are trying to be holy, and loving.  We really are trying to adore and love God.  We want to thank Him .  We remember that He created us and is our God who holds us in existence.  He has shown us how to be happy and blessed in this life and the next.  Thank You God for all You give us and especially for Your Son Jesus who died on the cross for us.  God what can we do to please you?  Help us do your will.

Right now in the hospital my mother has a catholic nurse, but she said her husband would divorce her if she has more than than the two children she now has.  I asked what if one were to die.  She knocked on wood.  Another nurse came in who has 3 children.  She is from Iran and said there the culture supports children and old people.  We talked about if you have a big family God will provide and someone will be there for you when you get old.

God will bless us with happiness when we do what He asks.