Traditional Mercy

St. John Gualbert was from a noble family of Florence.  One of his family members was murdered and it was his family duty to take revenge.  On Good Friday he met the murderer  unarmed on a narrow street.  When he was about to slay him, the man prostrated himself on the ground in the form of a cross and begged mercy in the name of the crucified Jesus.  St. John was moved by grace and forgave the murderer.

On the way home he stopped in at San Miniato church to pray when the figure of Jesus on the cross bowed His head in recognition of St.
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John’s mercy.  Soon after he became a monk.  He died on July 12 10736a00d8341c6bd853ef0192aaedc6b9970d-320wi

Let us forgive all who have persecuted us so much in our endeavor to restore sacred tradition in the catholic church.