Tradition Catholicism vs. “New” Catholicism

Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today and forever.  There is no “new” Jesus.

Ecce Homo_RENI, GuidoMost of us have been through the ups and downs of “new” liturgies, politicians, morals and scriptural interpretations.  They have not satisfied us.  They have left us empty and hungry.
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 When you are young and want an easy religion to follow, you like “new” moral approaches that allow you to have your catholic cake and eat it too.  Since only artificial cake can be chewed and yet still remain, you are not spiritually fed and it makes you spiritually sick because of it’s artificial ingredients.
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When it comes to the time tried traditional catholic rites and beliefs, you may balk at them at first, but when you really need help, you are happy they are there to catch you on your fall to hell.

The difference with the young traditional catholic of today (that are behind the grass root revival of the Tridentine Mass) is that they have already, at a young age, been through the liberal stage and found it wanting.  They have been in secular schools where they were taught to not believe in God, to not respect authority and that all truth is relative.  So they are “street smart” and they only want provable truths.

EcclesiaThe young traditionalist are very good at technology and do their homework to find out about what happened and is still happening in the catholic church.  Before, teachers, priests, nuns, and bishops could tell them what they wanted and the youth had no way of investigating on their own.  Not anymore.  In a few seconds they have the answer on their iPhone.  They are intelligent and looking for something solid, beautiful and truthful.  And they find all over the world the Tridentine Mass popping up.

The youth have been watching television since they were born and many have learned to see through the false programs and ads that they are bombarded with every few seconds.  They have been in public schools and have learned not to trust teachers with always giving them the truth.

5519280255_c6e7d4d930_bSo when they bump into traditional catholicism by accident, they find it refreshing and solid in their world that is always in flux.

As one young father told me, he feels so angry he was never told about or exposed to the Tridentine Mass before 3 years ago.  He and his wife and 16 year old son feel at home in the church at last after searching through so many different movements in the church.

Angel_TrumpetThank you to all of you who patiently share the time tried truth, sacredness and beauty of the Latin Mass catholic culture.  You have suffered greatly, but your witness has paid off.  We are coming back to the fulness of the catholic faith which was watered down to appease protestants and cafeteria catholics.  Your dedication has paid off.  All you have to do is look at all the youth and young families at the Tridentine mass to see that your faithfulness has paid off.  Your prayers and witnesses were listened to by God and others.