Catholic Liberals path to Self-Destruction

Again going back to investigation into what is the cause of the shipwreck or crash of the Holy Catholic Church.  In googling “Catholic Church self-destructs pope” I ran upon three articles.  One from USA TODAY and one from a Population Control advocate and one from a Enlightenment blog.  All three talked about the eminent self-destruction of the church and the sex abuse crisis.

cardinal_bergoglio_w_pope_benedict225From USA TODAY it leads off; “Benedict could not alter the decline of the Church in the industrialized world because he would not address the archaic structure and strictures it maintains”.   Here is the liberals opus operandi: 1) Get rid of marital and sexual morals and the church will do just fine.  2) Modernize catholic belief to conform with what the world believes in and we will be a full young church again.  3) All religions have the truth, we just have the fullness of truth (never call anyone a heretic except traditional catholics).  4) Social justice issues are the most important moral issues especially feminists rights.

The article recalls when Pope John Paul II was dying, Ratzinger lead the Good Friday stations of the cross at the Coliseum.  On the XIII station, he prayed for “How much filth there is in the Church, and even among those who, in the priesthood, ought to belong entirely to Him! How much pride, how much self-compacancy!”

IMG_9054It goes on to say “(Pope Benedict) a good man, he nevertheless failed to even begin to fix what is wrong with the institution he led.  Given the fact that the members of the College of Cardinals who will select and likely supply his successor share Benedict’s views on sex and power, we should not expect anything different from the next pope.”  Michael D’Antonio is the author of “Mortal Sins: Sex, Crime and the Era of Catholic Scandal”.

In the L’Osservatore Romano on 24 December 1984, Joseph Ratzinger stated: “Certainly, the results (of Vatican II) seem cruelly opposed to the expectations of everyone, beginning with those of Pope John XXIII and then of Pope Paul VI: expected was a new Catholic unity and instead we have been exposed to dissension which—to use the words of Paul VI—seems to have gone from self-criticism to self-destruction.  Expected was a new enthusiasm, and many wound up discouraged and bored.  Expected was a great step forward, and instead we find ourselves faced with a progressive process of decadence which has developed for the most part precisely under the sign of calling back to the Council, and has therefore contributed to discrediting for many.  The net result therefore seems negative.  I am repeating here what I said ten years after the conclusion of the work: it is incontrovertible that this period has definitely been unfavorable for the Catholic Church.”

Last Judgment_detail_the Blessed_MEMLING, HansThis is not being said to discourage us traditional catholics.  It is being said so that we can help the church survive from the wreck or crash.  But it is also so we can tell the liberals, who have all the power in the church, open your eyes.  Be transparent with us about the financial and demographic statistics of the church.  When will you liberals have respect to another point of view than your own?  When will you ask someone else, other than your liberal committees, why this self-destruction is still going on?

Angel with a Lamb_MELOZZO DA FORLI 2The Catholic Church belongs Jesus and to all of us.  Everyone looses when thousands upon thousands of catholics leave the church.  You in the hierarchy are responsible for this because you direct the catechizes and appointing of employees, nuns, priest, bishops and cardinals.  When will you take responsibility for the recent 50 years of the church, and apologize for the sex scandals and the huge exodus of catholics from the church that happened under your command?  Don’t blame it on the culture.  It comes from bad doctrinal teaching in the seminaries, parishes and catholic schools.  More dissenting bishops, priests nuns, theologians and teachers will not stop the self-destruction.

IMG_8974 With God’s help and a great deal of prayer, work and humility we can help.  The Gates of Hell will never prevail over the Church, but we have to be the ones resisting this self-destruction, not helping it.  God; help us get back on the firm foundation of 1980 years of traditional catholicism.