Black Box of the Church Crash

You have heard of the “Black Box” that is attempted to be found from a crashed Airplane to help determine the cause of the crash.  Any normal person would like to know why a plane that carried loved ones on it crashed and and so died.

afp3You would think that people in the Vatican and the chanceries around the world would like to find the “Black Box” of the crash of the Catholic Church.  All most all of my family members spiritually crashed and died in the turmoil of the 70’s, 80’s and 90″s.  I am sure most of you would have the same story of family members having left the church and are now agnostic, atheist, non-denominational, Mormon, or Wiccan.

One thing for sure, is that they are no longer what you would call good catholics and of course not traditional catholics.  The may still wear a cross or have a medal of Mary, and go to Midnight mass.  But to believe what the catholic church teaches and going faithfully to mass, just is not a priority to them.

P1011648Again let us look at the priest shortage.  Everywhere there is a serious priest shortage.  Most priest today are in the bracket of from 50 years old to 80 years old.  What is the cause of this?  Bishops and priests continually talk about this and what to do to keep the churches staffed.  But they do not ask why we have such a shortage of priests.

People continue to leave the churches.  But it happens slowly, so that the bishops and priests do not really notice it and act as if things will go on just fine.

4795 MonstranceIf it had not been for the huge Mexican immigration, the catholic churches in the United States would be mostly empty and those who go mostly in their 60’s.  I have studied this fact and have seen dark hair in the Spanish Masses and a great deal of white hair in the English masses.

Every year I have noticed a decline in Mass assistance in the country of Mexico too.  But the bishops and priests do not notice it and just go on as if everything is fine.  But it is not.

You may have heard what just happened in Brazil, a catholic country.  A football referee got in a fight with a player and fans over a call he made.  In the fight the referee stabbed the player with a knife.  On the way to the hospital the player died.  The family of the player then quartered the referee’s body and put his head up on a stake in the middle of the soccer field.  How can so called “catholics” do such things.  What are they being taught at catechism, in church and in the home.  I hope and pray these men were not catholics.  But more than likely they are.  I wonder if they will have a catholic funeral.  Incidentally the town where this happened is called Pius XII.

We traditional catholics need to keep on pointing out the FACTS of how full the catholic churches were before Vatican II.  How full the Seminaries and Convents were before Vatican II.  How many Catholic Schools were full and running.  How many of our families went to confession and Sunday mass.
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 How were the morals in the world.

The church is made up of sinners, and always will be, but something terrible has happened to our families, our world and our church.  We need to keep on calling for an investigation into the “church crash”.  There are plenty of records as to what happened before, during and after Vatican II.  The catholic church is good at keeping records.  Why can we not find out how the the church crashed.

Economist still continue to talk about, investigate, learn and teach for the stock market crash of 1929.

At the Sacra Liturgia Conference, again it was brought up about Pope Paul VI saying that “the smoke of satan had entered into the church”.  He and others also pointed out that the church was in a self destructive mode.
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 Why can we not be honest and find out what happened and what can be done to avoid more self destruction and crashes.

If we have an airplane crash, a ship accident, a train derailment, or a suspicious death, we need to know what happened and try to correct it.  It will not bring the dead family members back to life.  It will not take the suffering away from the injured.  But it will give some relief to the family and friends, knowing why.  This would be a good way for the church show it truly does care enough to try to not let it happen anymore.  If governments and corporations (who have no soul) can do it, why can not the catholic church humbly investigate, in all honesty, why and where have we went wrong.

black-box-airplaneMost of us know well where we have gone wrong, but we can do nothing about it because we are not in the Vatican or in Chanceries.  But we can keep on asking for an investigation and honest answers.  There is a great deal of talk about “Transparency” in the church today.  Can we not also apply transparency to the pastoral problems in the church since Vatican II.

Let us stop being politicians and business men in the church and become humble loving saints who honestly admit things the way they are and do everything to get things back to the way Jesus wants it.

Jesus needs us to be the people who help bring about restoration by bringing up these obvious problems (the obvious Elephant in the Room) and through prayer.  Please do your homework and go the extra mile by becoming well educated about the church before and after Vatican II.  Praying at the Tridentine mass helps a great deal too.