Saint Elizabeth of Portugal and Her Husband’s Jealousy and unfaithfulness

elizabethSince St. Elizabeth’s husband, King Dennis of Portugal, was unfaithful and jealous in his marriage, a false rumor was circulated that Queen Elizabeth was flirting with a court page. The king was determined to kill the page.
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 He told the worker who burnt lime to cast the first page into his kiln who would arrive with a royal message.
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 On the appointed day the page was sent to the kiln, but on the way he went to holy mass as he was accustomed to do.  The king anxious to hear that the page was dead, sent another page to find out from the worker at the kiln (this page was the source of the false slander).  Arriving first he was cast into the furnace and burned.  After holy mass the other page followed the kings orders and went to the kiln.  He was given the lime-burners reply that the kings orders had been fulfilled and returned to the king.  This miracle caused the king to open his eyes to his queen’s innocence and thus began his conversion.sainte01Saint_Elizabeth_Portugal