Profound Traditional Talk to Evangelize

As I continue to wear my Cappello Romano when walking over to the church, people continue to bump the horn and wave.  Just now a young woman smiled at me.  They have never encountered anyone dressed like this so it puts them at ease to say hi or to smile.  I am more than ever convince about trying to be loving to everyone and God does the rest.

C019_VirginWhen I was here in May, a homeless man who has no front teeth, came up to me in church to ask for a blessing.  I thought he would ask for money, but he didn’t  I listened to him as he told me about his ex-wife, who had put terrible lies about him on her FaceBook.  He told me he lived in his van and that because of the lies on the FaceBook he was afraid for his life.  I listened to him and told him to not care about what people think about him from what was written on FaceBook.  I told him to only care about what God thinks of him.

It is of utmost importance to remember this, “do not worry about what people are gossiping about you, only care how God is viewing you.”  If you are not sinning, if you are praying and serving God as best you can, if you are helping others, that is all that matters.

One day we have best friends.  The next month they turn on us and betray us.
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 Just like Jesus’ friend Judas.  God is not like that.  He is well worth trusting with our hearts.  He will never betray us or turn on us.

mosaicHe will discipline us when we sin, because He loves us too much.  He does not want to see us going on the wrong path to hell.

Getting back to the story.  I asked this man, (I think his name is Freddy) if he was catholic.  He told me he was but had not practice for over 25 years.  I blessed Freddy and encouraged him to have faith and that God would come to his rescue.  I told him he needed to go to confession and go to mass.

VL3W0371That day I was saying the Tridentine mass right after talking with him.  He approached the communion rail to receive Holy Communion.  I told him he could not because he had not confessed yet.  He never got angry at me for telling him this as most people do.  The next day he came to confess after so many years.  I told him that the best way to be catholic is to be a traditional catholic.  So every Sunday he would come to the Tridentine Mass at 10 am and receive communion.

I had not forgotten him when I returned 2 months later.  I wondered if since I had left, he was still being faithful to his new life.  Yesterday at the 10 am mass, up he came to kneel at the communion rail to receive holy communion.  It gave me so much joy that he was still faithful.  His whole demeanor looks so much better.  Holiness is good for our health and looks.

Sacred Heart 4Two days ago another homeless man came up asking for money.  I told him I do not give out money.  I told him I could give him something much more precious which was a blessing.  So I prayed over him so that he would come up with work, a place to live and good friends.  When I had finished, I told him he needed to become catholic.  His eyes lit up and he told me “I am not an atheist”.  Then he went on to tell me in beautiful ways, how all that man makes, like cars, break down sooner or later.  But what God has made, like the sun, the moon and the earth just keeps on doing what they are suppose to do with our fail.  We were then talking to each other with great respect.  He was no longer a homeless man begging, but a man sharing his faith.  He said he tell atheist to look in the mirror to see the greatest miracle ever.
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We traditional catholics should never be ashamed to help correct people who are in heretical error.  We do it with love and great things happen.  If someone is driving to Los Angeles and is driving toward New York, it is not a loving thing to just say your sense of direction is a good as mine.  No, out of love we show them the map to get to Los Angeles.

My friends from Ripon California are on a California Mission Pilgrimage.  Yesterday the went to San Juan Cappestrano for the Tridentine 8 am mass.  They arrived 10 minutes early and found the mission totally filled.  They thought it was another mass finishing up.  No, the Tridentine Mass was totally full and they had to stand and kneel the whole mass.  Isn’t that great news.  Things are changing.  They are, by chance, meeting other Latin Mass people as they travel to the other missions.

We all have persecution for trying to renew the our church.  But what takes all the sting out of the persecution is Blind Faith that God is active.  What we do out of love for His Church, He will bless eventually.  We need to turn all the pain of persecution over to His Divine power and have complete blind trust and faith.  He alway comes through.