A Tiny Drop of Exorcized Catholic Holy Water

“Among all the many sacramentals of the Church, there is one, so ordinary, so commonplace and so accessible to everyone that people are inclined to forget it and neglect using it.  There is an untold wealth of spiritual riches concentrated in every tiny drop of Exorcized Holy Water mixed with Exorcized Salt.

holy-waterThe use of holy water is no recent innovation but a time honored tradition in Holy Mother the Church.  It has been used in all Catholic Churches throughout the world and among all the faithful since the very beginnings of Christianity.  (The Old Testament also has Water of Purification mentioned in Leviticus)  Many and great are the spiritual and temporal benefits derived from the use of holy water.

BoyAtHolyWaterFont-bWhy this tremendous power?  Holy Water has it’s great efficacy from the prayer of Holy Mother the Church.  The two tiny elements of salt and water used in blessing, signify the glorious mission of the holy water for the purpose of purification (water) and preservation (salt) of body and soul.

chigi_cr“Oh, God, grant that this creature of thine (water) may be endowed with divine grace to drive away devils and to cast out diseases, that whatever in the houses or possessions of the faithful may be sprinkled from everything hurtful …..
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Let everything that threatens the peace or safety of the dwellers therein be banished by the sprinkling of this water, so that the health which they seek by calling on Thy Holy Name may be guarded from all assault”.

baptism-waterpageSome of the marvelous effects of the devout use of Holy Water are:

1) Remission of venial sin

2) Remission of temporal punishment due to sin

3) Expulsion of demons

4) Healing of the sick in body and soul

5) Averting dangers both spiritual and temporal.  When dangers threaten, such as fire, storms, or other calamities, prayers joined with the devout use of holy water are highly efficacious.


Those who are concerned about the absent members of their family can do no better in helping them than to pray fervently while making for them the Sign of the Cross with Holy Water and begging God’s blessing upon them, for both body and soul.  No matter how distant be the person who is prayed for, the effects of the prayer of the Church in that tiny drop of holy water reaches them instantly!

Hell_MEMLING, HansOur soul is daily exposed to danger.  As often as we use holy water, we are given strength to do good and avoid evil.  St. Teresa used to say that she was ready to give her life for every drop of holy water, because the Blood of Christ was attached to it.
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 Our Savior had to die upon the Cross to impart to holy water its power, therefore it should be highly esteemed by us.”

“By this Holy Water and by Thy Precious Blood, Wash away my sins, O Lord!”

I do not know the author of this short dissertation on Holy Water.  But remember the Holy Water this paper is talking about is blessed by the old Tridentine rite that is very long and uses exorcism prayers and exorcized salt.