Trusting in God’s Care and Relaxing

Traveled with friends from California back to Phoenix Arizona.  It is a long trip by car but it was so nice to be with friends traveling and praying.  I made them say the 3 rosaries with me.  IMG_0431

IMG_0429IMG_0433As we approached the boarder of California with Arizona all the trucks and cars were stopped.   A semi had collied with a car and flipped over the center divide and blocking the bridge into Arizona.
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 We waited a couple of hours then decided to go the only other way an other 1 1/2 out of the way.
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 Well we arrived very late to Phoenix.

But I was peaceful as I am beginning to understand that we just do everything we can to please God, don’t sin and then the rest (easy and difficult) you just know that God is in Charge.  It takes so much of the stress out of life.