The World needs You Traditional Catholics

Each one of us are responsible to bring Jesus to the world.  On the plane back from Rome there was an Egyptian Coptic Priest.   I went over and met him.  He was so respectful to me, he stood up in the plane and shook my hand.
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 He told me about the new revolution that is taking place in Egypt right now. He said my prayers would help them.  So please pray for Egypt and the catholics and christian that are persecuted by the muslims.  He and his family had just left Cairo to fly to the United States.  He said their were millions in the streets and that he was hopeful that there would be a positive outcome.
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I explained that we traditional catholics only believe in counter revolutions.  That means we stand up against revolutions that are against God.  An example were the Cristeros who stood up against the secularist masonic revolution in Mexico and the Calles laws that were directed against the catholic church.  I began by the rebellion or revolution of Adam and Eve against God’s order and rules.  He Coptic priest understood what I meant and again asked me to pray for them.  Let us not be rebellious people.  Resist evil, fight against evil systems, but with the love and power of God.

Triumph of the Church over Fury Discord Hate_RUBENS, Pieter PauwelI told him I will pray that we can be reunited with each other some day.  Later on on the flight he came up to me and gave me 4 prayer beads of St. Moses of the desert who on their calendar was his feastday.  He kept asking me pray for him.  He was very humble.  May we all be humble and seek God with all our hearts.  I did not tell him that his form of christianity was fine.  I loved him, respected him, but acknowledged that we need to come together as on church.  Start with love, bring up difference and pray and work for truth.

So be bold and God will work through you today.

I leave for Phoenix Arizona today to work, for now, at St. Catherine of Siena.  I am driving down with friends.  We need God and friends.  We see in the visitation of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth.  They were full of joy.  If we are prayerful we will have blessed friends and family.

If we want to see God working, we need to try our best to  be pure and holy.  Then have that blind faith and watch for small miracles.  We will still suffer for Christ, but we will be blessed with encouragement from above.  20550C