False Concept of How Saints Believe and Lived

Many thoughts returning from Rome.  You never ever see so many bishops, priests and nuns in your life as you do in Rome.  You never see so many tourist from all over the world.  It seems that they are there to site see, buy and eat.  Probably many are in hopes of romance.  But how are their souls?

688px-Don_Lorenzo_Monaco_012Souls, souls, eternal souls.  A sea of souls caught up in the glamor of the world.  They have probably never heard clearly about out catholic faith.

I went to say good bye to old Italian friends of mine.  Of course they asked me what I thought of the pope.  I answered, I like that he is for the poor and peace, but I feel the liberal catholics will see him as one of them and give them a license to be even more liberal.  Like most catholics today, the daughter is a liberal catholic.  But she is an architect teacher and had recently returned from Brazil.
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  She said it is really wild down there.  I met another family on the bus who are from Naples and told me how bad the crime is there.

The only way to look at liberalism, is to see its fruits.  God, as some loving and excepting person, doesn’t teach people the need to be good and not commit crime.  The liberal is their own worst enemy and the enemy of others because they can not see that every sin, including sexual sins, adds to the break down of the family and society.  This leads to sin.

SolemnCommunionbyJulesTriquetThey are called “bleeding heart liberals”.  But truly where are “the bleeding hearts” for all the suffering from crime today.  The liberals will probably blame breaking into houses on the fact that these young men are from poor families and lack education.
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  If we can only educate everyone and give them all the money and houses they need we will live in a earthly paradise.

No, No, No.  All crime comes from rebellion against God by men.  Look at what happened shortly after Adam and Eve rebelled.  Their son Cain killed his brother Abel.  Was that caused because the religious rules were to strict?  Did he do it because he was poor?  Did he do it because he was not educated on what is right and wrong?  No!  He did it because he was jealous and rebellious, period.  It was sin in his heart and he had no one or anything to blame it on except his own evil heart.

We see after this, in the beginning of humanity (book of Genesis), blood shed, blood shed and more blood shed.  That is why God destroyed creation with the flood, because He repented of having created man who became rebellious against Him.  How, by breaking His divine laws.

800px-Escorial-surAll human suffering comes from sin.  In other words rebellion.  We always think we know better than God and know how to fix all the problems, especially thinking less morality will make things go better.

When trying to defend God’s rules and the people I am speaking with will not accept catholic teaching, than I turn to simply what Jesus says in the Gospels.  I remind people I love Jesus and respect Him.  I believe He is smarter than I am.

Today people will think more about a follower of Jesus than Jesus Himself.  Like St. Francis.  They have made up an fictitious St. Francis.  One they imagine was a peace maker and accepting of all.  Some sort of a hippie.  No.  If you read the letter to the faithful written shortly before his death, he states very clearly that you need to be catholic to be saved.  He talks about a rich man dying with our repentance and go to hell.  Google St. Francis of Assisi “Letter to the Faithful”.

St. Francis went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  On the way he tried to convert all the muslims.  He did not accept them as they were.  He wanted them converted to the Holy Catholic faith.

St. Francis is no ecumenist.  He preached, as did his follower St. Anthony to the heretics to convert them.  They did not accept them as a different type of christian, but preached to them to save them.

A great deception is to make the saints into people who think the way we do.  No, they are radical catholics and militant catholics for the faith.

Do not, and I say it strongly, do not take others on their word about the saints.  Go directly to their early biographies.  Take the time to learn about them from their own words.

temptation of Christ on the Mount_DUCCIO di BuoninsegnaWe have projected onto the saints our modern liberal catholic mentality.  No you will never find the saints teaching relativism or ecumenism.  They wanted to convert everyone to Jesus Christ and His church.  No error or lies for them.  Who in their right mind would want to belong to a church that accepts lies, what appears to be truths but are erroneous doctrine.

Yesterday as I walked through Rome, I decide to start to convert the muslim street venders by being kind to them.  They immediately responded by saying  “Ciao Padre”.  I am accepting them as they are to start with, but then loving them as they are to help them come to the fullness of truth in the Catholic faith.