Traditionalist Spiritual Battle and Triumphs

Everywhere I look, I see catholics in Mexico and Italy, that are living so far from God and His holy church.  And at the same time I see the Novus Ordo church going on as if everything is just fine.  And worse still is that the powers of the church will not help us traditionals apply the much needed medicine.  Maybe what it takes is to speak even when no one understands us or accepts the solution (return to solid catholic teachings and the Latin Rites before the liturgical reform).

At the foot fo the cross_statueWe want quick results.  Things just don’t work that way.  I still imagine that if I tell a good neo-cat catholic, they will instantly understand.  Or I think that the liberal priests and bishops can see all the problems present in the church that their liberal theology has caused.  But it is not that way.  So we need to keep on praying, talking and living out traditional beliefs.

Crucifixion_BICCI, Lorenzo diOne thing that I never heard in the Sacra Litugia conference was the spiritual battle that is going on in the church.  St. Anthony Marie Claret would show the people the spiritual battle going on when he was giving missions.  He would show them thunder and lightning dashing around the sky over where he was preaching.
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  Let us never deceive ourselves, traditional catholics, that we are not dealing with human powers, but supernatural powers who wish to get us to despair and to fall into sin too.

We are in a supernatural spiritual battle for souls.  This is what is at stake in this desperate effort to bring back the sacred.  We also need to also emphasize the great power the latin language and rites have to go against these dark forces.  So every time you have a chance when discussing the Tridentine Mass or other Latin Traditional sacraments, mention that they are so effective against the evil one and his minions.

536029_10150894691106699_1445140570_nAs we work in this ever important mission God has given us to do for His beloved church, remember these are life and death, heaven and hell issues we are dealing with.  Yes the church will survive because Jesus promised to always be with us till the end of time and that the gates of hell will not prevail.  But just in that statement we have a strong message that the gates of hell are trying to prevail.  And we have the weapons and military strategy to win.

I have heard that several prophetic messages of Mary have said that all of a sudden things will turn around.  I am very skeptical of this, but it does not mean these are wrong and I am right.  Our Lady is so important in the traditional battle.  St. Joseph and all the saints are the main line military forces.  They are not like us, they can not be killed by the enemy, we can.  Let us go behind them and do what we can and have great trust in God’s power.

It is worth reminding ourselves over and over, we are in this traditional battle because we love God and His Holy Church.  Therefore is it not for sure that God will be using all His power to help us.  We need great blind faith.

Anime-purgatorio-San_Sebastian_-_Catedral_22Again today all over Rome people would greet Fr. Carney and myself simply because we are wearing the cassock and Roman Cappello.  Thank God Fr. Carney is with me to experience this and to be a witness.  I have never ever experienced anything like this in my life.  The main thing people say is that we look like priests and they appreciate it so much.  Even a priest from the island of Sardinia who was dressed in black clothes but not priest clothes wanted a picture with us.  I put my Roman Cappello on him while his friend took a picture of us.  Everywhere people a hungry for traditional clothing for priests and nuns.

All those who attended the Sacra Liturgia conference were given tickets to the mass with Pope Francis.  I wanted to be with Pope Francis on St. Peter’s feast day but had not eaten since yesterday afternoon and still had to offer my Holy Latin Mass.  I had arrived at the Vatican very early to offer my own mass but it turned out that I could not offer it there because of the Pope’s mass.  Today the pope conferred on all the new archbishops of the world there Palliums.  After offering my mass back at the priest’s residence, Fr. Carney and myself went back to the pope’s mass.

We watched it from outside the Basilica.  When it came time for Holy Communion I watch Pope Francis give holy communion to everyone kneeling and on the tongue.  I saw people putting out their hands for holy communion with other priests giving communion and they only put it in the mouth.  They brought holy communion out to the plaza and the wind blew some host out of the suborium and had to be picked up off the ground.

IMG_0363It was so wonderful to be at St. Peter’s Basilica on my feast day (Fr. Peter).  I write this again with much joy because today so many miracles happened I can not remember or have the time to write them all.  All day from early morning till now I have run into friends or people who were at the conference with me.  They are so encouraging of what I  am doing for tradition.

And as I said earlier, just the joy we have given tourist and local Romans by wearing the traditional roman priest’s attire.  But some other friends told us about the reception that they were going to for the new American Archbishops at North American College.  Another priest, Fr. Tom for San Francisco asked to borrow my cappello romano to take a picture in with his friends.  I had never met him before.  Later when we were trying to find the North American College we ran into him again.  With great joy he showed us how to go through the parking garage near the Vatican and arrive at the North American College.  We did not have special invites but were allowed in anyway.

IMG_0368\I got to speak with my friend Archbishop Cordileone and get a blessing from Archbishop Sample.  They both are so kind and humble with me.  I also had a wonderful visit with his sister Theresa and her son.  Ran into more friends at the reception and really saw God working.

Then back to St. Peter’s Basilica for more pray on his feast day.  Went downstairs to pray at his tomb.  Again people smiling at us everywhere.

IMG_0376Then off on the Metro to St. Paul’s Outside the Wall where St. Paul is buried.  On the way there a man from Germany wants to get a blessing from me.  He knelt down on the sidewalk and I blessed him.  He wants to be a priest too.  Then he brings out a relic of St. Peter and St. Paul.  How in the world does God put a man with a rare relic of St. Peter and St. Paul on their feast day so I can be blessed by it.

IMG_0381As we were getting off the Metro, again we run into a young man who was at the conference with us and who just graduated from Georgetown University and is thinking about the priesthood.  All the young people we meet love the latin mass.  It is so encouraging.  Old people hate it, young people are starving for it.  You know what I mean who are reading this.  Prayed to St. Paul for more faith since he wrote so beautiful about how important faith is.

IMG_0388St Paul’s tomb.IMG_0385As we returned to the Metro three young people from Poland came all the way over to meet us from the other side of the Metro because they wanted to meet us because of the way we were dressed.  The young man had just served Bishop Schneider at a Tridentine Mass today.  They were so excited about the great traditional mass.IMG_0389