Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland Oregon at Sacra Liturgia

For most of us traditional catholics the conference is excellent but lacking in tackling the greater question about the controversial texts of the Vatican II documents.  Priests and young lay people have brought this question up in the few minutes they give for comments.

IMG_0313Most of the presenters really are trying to help the church through an authentic reform of the reform.  But they center most of the talks on restoring the Novus Ordo Mass by following all the rubrics and not having the priests act and teach at mass.

IMG_0318Amongst the priests, nuns and youth, the overwhelming subject is the Holy Tridentine Mass and all the problems with the way the Vatican II documents are written.  They all have a great concern for the church all over the world.

One woman from England who teaches here in Rome said (with others) “I wants to know why the church can not honestly talk about the truth about the problems with the documents of Vatican II?”  The bishops, priests, religious and laity attending are from all over the world and are a great great inspiration.  They love the church and want to do all they can to help heal the wounds in the church.  They almost all just love the Holy Tridentine Mass and attend it.  But they also tell all the horror stories all over the world were they are treated as bad people and isolated for loving this form of the Holy Mass.

Today’s conferences were:

1) Fr. Lang with a great talk on modern architecture for new churches.  He showed pictures of new churches here in Italy that are so ugly and modern like that new church for Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo.  Many of you have seen the new churches submitted and that will be built here soon in Italy.  He brought up two new chapels that are truly catholic, the chapels at Thomas Aquinas College California and Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary of the Priestly Society of St. Peter’s in Nebraska.  He also talked about the Cathedral of Light in Oakland California as a bad example of catholic architecture.

2) Dom Alcuin Reid on the Vatican II document of Sacrosanctum Concilium and the liturgical reform.  He said that it is an interior attitude that has to accompany reform.  In Liturgy we enter, body and soul into the action of Christ.
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 We submit to Christ working in His church.  Liturgy has to be according to rubrics and beauty.

3) Abbot Zielinski OSB on liturgy and human psychology and anthropology.  He said rituals have always been important to mankind to liberate us from the mundane world and to go to the sublime.

4) Archbishop Alexander Sample spoke on the role of the Bishop to maintain the liturgy in his diocese.  He said be persistent and patient in working for the liturgy to be celebrated according to the church’s norms and thinking.  Yes the bishop is the head of his diocese and liturgical leader, but in union with the mind of the universal church.

IMG_0321But the greatest part of his talk that everyone was so refreshed to hear was on the Holy Tridentine Mass.  He wants all bishops to set the example of offering the Tridentine Mass.  He wants the priests and seminarians to know it so that they can be influenced by it when they celebrate the Novus Ordo.  He said that Bishops need continuing formation and one way is by celebrating the Holy Tridentine Mass.  He was very humble and kind.

5) Don Nicola Bux talk on not making the liturgy a show or talking all the time.  Let God do the action that we participate in.

IMG_0326The people attending this conference, and many young people, are a real joy to be with.  They are all so educated and kind.  They are also very prayerful.  The bishops, priests, nuns and laity are a great inspiration to me and everyone present.  I have met many old friends here and have made many new friends.  God is so good.

This evening is the Solemnis Holy Tridentine Mass with Cardinal Brandmueller.