Sacred Liturgy and Bishops

Sacred Heart 3Today again several Bishops talked on Sacred Liturgy at the conference.  It is very wonderful to be around so many Bishops and priests who really care about the church.  Over and over again they talk about the Holy Mass as God working, not man making a sacred event.

Bishop Peter Elliott talked on the importance of the way we celebrate the holy liturgy as the  divine Sacrifice and Sacrament.  Liturgy is not subjected to culture because it is a gift from God to His Church.  It is body and soul that offers the holy mass.  Prayer and action.   When done with reverence the laity will imitate your reverence.  He said the Novus Ordo can be simply a priest teaching with many words.  They have long homilies and use the shortest Eucharistic prayer (II).  No, the mass is sacred worship.  The priest is involved in something bigger than himself and it does not need to be explained or taught.  It says everything about the priest in how he handles the Holy Eucharist.  Slow down the actions to do them with meaning and slow down the words.  The Enlightenment de sacralized the liturgy to be merely human.  Everything done for God needs to be done in the best way possible and with beauty.

IMG_0303Monsignor Heid did an excellent presentation on the, as he so well called it, “fake” archeology of early christian altars.  The early christian eucharist that was celebrated in homes was offered on a stone altar or slab.  It was offered toward God and away from people, directed to a cross.  There were tables used to put the offerings on, but the sacrificial altar was where the Holy Mass was sacrificed.  They used false pictures and bad interpretations to justify that the early christians used tables.  He showed a picture of a beautiful altar smashed to pieces.  Here in Italy the Italian bishops have passed a new decree to destroy the altars and altar rails.  God help us please.  Mary too. St. Joseph too.

IMG_0301I do not have time to report on all the talks.  There was a great one on the use of language. All the speakers keep quoting Vat. II document on the need to keep Latin and Gregorian Chant.  They all want latin back.

Bishop Marc Aillet talked about new religious orders since Vatican II that are adoring the Blessed Sacrament, have devotion to Mary and the saints.  These communities are doing well because they are related to prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  He really emphasized interior holiness.

All of the speakers so far, except Monsignor Heid, are supportive of the two masses, Novus Ordo and the Tridentine Mass as long as they are done according to the rubrics.

IMG_0305All in all, I am meeting many many wonderful young priests and people who know exactly what is going wrong in the church and who love the Latin Mass.  One priest was just ordained two weeks ago.  Many of the people there have read my blog.  It is encouraging me a great deal to be around wonderful people who love sacred things.

IMG_0306Another miracle happened this afternoon.  Steve and Margarita were going to go to the Novus Ordo mass at the conference at 6:00 pm.  I told them they should go to the Latin Mass at SS. Trinitas de peregrine.   But no one could tell me the time.
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 So I told them let us go walk over.  We arrived just 5 minutes before the 6:30 Latin mass.  If you come to Rome know that there is a Latin Mass everyday here.  I just kept thanking God for helping us.