Traditional Rome and Sacra Liturgia Conference

Started the day off with what matters most, the Holy Tridentine Mass and prayer.  Then the blog and then off to the Vatican.  Everywhere tourist are stopping Fr. Carney and myself to take pictures with us because of the cassock and the Cappello Romano.  Inside the Vatican people would not stop taking pictures with us.
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IMG_0262Even people on the buses thank us for wearing the traditional priestly garb.  It makes people happy.

IMG_0275Inside the vatican I first went to pray at the tomb of St. Peter, my saint.  Saturday is the feast of St. Peter and Paul.  I will be here for a mass with Pope Francis and all the people from the Sacra Liturgia conference.

So tonight was the beginning of the conference with Cardinal Ranjith from SriLanka.  His main point was that all liturgy has to be in communion with the heavenly liturgy of Jesus the Lamb of God Sacrificed offered to the Father for our sins.  Over and over again he mentioned that the Holy Mass is a sacrifice.  He said that too many priest and people are making a show of the Holy Mass.  They interpret active participation as humans doing the action instead of what is needed, God doing the active part.  He said the priest and laity are all over the sanctuary, running around.  That is not liturgy.  Liturgy is God acting on us and we do are small part in a humble way.
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IMG_0298He said that his red cardinal clothing is nothing.  He is nothing.  He said God is all that is important.  Very important about what he said when priest mess with the liturgy, it is like when Moses was really up with God on Mountain, the people made up their own liturgy of the golden calf.  He reminded us what happen to them and that those who had made the calf were smitten by God, or in other words killed by God.

Are we not fortunate to be able to have the sacred liturgy of the Tridentine Mass where God is the boss in how we offer this sacred sacrifice of the mass, not men.