Traditional Divine Providence

At Santa Maria Maggiore the two new priest of the Redemptorist from Scotland offered the Sacred Latin Mass.  It was a solemn high mass.  I forgot to take my camera, but took many pictures on my iPhone.  But I can not get it to email the pictures or get them on the iCloud photo stream.  Where are the tech friends when you need them.

Gregory, mass of_ISENBRANT, AdriaenThis afternoon the international conference on Sacred Liturgy will begin.  I will get help there.  Atleast I have internet now.  Thank you God.

I was at St. Jude’s in Ceres California for 3 years.  My friend Debbie and her family were there at that time.  Well she got married Saturday and was coming to Rome for her honey moon.  I knew this, but had absolutely no contact information.  Yesterday after the Holy Mass friends went to have a drink at a restaurant far from Santa Maria Maggiore.  When we were finished and walking back home, Debbie saw me across the street and called the attention of a friend.  She and her husband had just arrived in Rome.  How in God’s name can you explain meeting up in such a huge city and a such a time.  So again I am reminded of how much God is active in our lives.

KnightBut God is active only because He wants us to be doing something for Him.  So each one of us, you too, have something great to do for God.  As Mother Theresa said; “Do something beautiful for God”

But nothing is as beautiful as the solemn high latin mass.  Yesterday, as you will see when I get the photos over to this computer, was again one of the most beautiful and sacred mass you could ever pray at.  I feel bad taking photos during holy mass, but it is my work also to spread this great news and beauty.

IMG_0260The community in Scotland are called “Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer”  I have greatly admired their community and their beautiful newspaper.  I would have liked to go to visit them in Scotland to get to know them.  How would I have ever dreamed that they would be having two of their priest ordained at the same ordination of my friend Fr. Massimo.  This way I was able to talk with them and get to know them better right here in Rome.  Again God is working powerfully.  Google them and look at their beautiful yet difficult life on an island in north Scotland.imagesat_the_monastery_on_papa_stronsay_scotland__are_fr_502ddd094f


Let us live today knowing that God is in charge of our lives.  God gave us this new day to love and serve Him and others.  Our life has a great purpose.  May we pray to know what God wants of us.  May Mary and St. Joseph help us to follow their beloved Son Jesus.  Heavenly Father give us more and more faith to do the things that you are asking us to do. Give us the courage to speak what we need to speak.  Give us the discipline to pray as we aught.  Holy Spirit we trust in You.