Roman Traditional Experience

So many tourist from all over the world here in Rome.  They look, shop and eat.  But what is so important is missing; serving and loving God with your whole heart, mind, soul and being.

IMG_0237The Italian people are very warm and kind in general.  It is their catholic faith that put that goodness in them.
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 But they are loosing it.  I finally got an internet key that will work in my room.  I am staying with the Legionaries of Christ.  They do not have WiFi.  When I was purchasing the key at TIM a lady had a glittered skull on her blouse.  How easily the devil makes death look attractive.

IMG_0238As we were walking back to the convent, 4 young women from England asked for direction to the Pantheon.  I asked one who had a rosary around her neck if she was catholic.  She responded; half.  I asked which half?  No, I told them all to become catholics so that we priests can tell them how to get to heaven rather than the Pantheon.  And not to forget, how to not go the wrong way to hell.

IMG_0240Yesterday on the train back, a friend of Fr. Massimo was from England too and belongs to the Church of England.  I told him he needs to be catholic.  Then I said all you need to do is see how King Henry VIII started his church, killing his wives, stealing church property and torturing and killing those who would not leave the catholic faith.  I asked him who would want to belong to a church that was started by such an evil man and in such an evil way.  Read the history.  It can not be lied about, it is there for all to see.  You can go visit England and see where the queens are buried that he killed.  Also you can go and see where the English Martyrs are buried too.  Most catholics would never talk about these sad truths.
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 They may offend someone.  Come on, why can we not speak the truth in love.

IMG_0245St. John the Baptist lost his head for telling the truth about marriage.  He stood up against another kIng, the king of Israel and told him he could not live with his brother’s wife.  Today if you till people that marriage is a solemn vow till death and there is no option of divorce, they will cut your head of with mean words and hatred.  Nothing has changed and nothing will ever change since the time of St. John the Baptist.  There will always be those who compromise with the powers of this world and the devil and those who will not.  One looses the life in this life, the others loose their souls forever after death.

If St. John the Baptist was alive today catholics would call him judgmental and should have just accepted King Herod and Herodius as they were.  No, St. John the Baptist and Jesus tell it like it is.

There are powerful people in the church against what is good, sacred and catholic.  But in the end they will all die.  Death is such an equalizer.  I will die, you will die, the powerful, the rich, will die.  Then it is God’s turn to judge what we did, whether it was pleasing or not to Him.  NO MORE COMPROMISING with the world or the devil.  No more cowardliness.

christ9Today let us love all those around us.  Let us do some kind thing for someone.  Maybe just a smile or cleaning something or a phone call.  But above all today let us do something that pleases God and Mary.  Holy Spirit we trust in You.  Maybe a quiet prayer with love.